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  1. Angular Chap

    Front page of a Libyan newspaper from 1943

    I found this photo of the front page of a Libyan newspaper from 1943 in an old photo album with pictures from my grandfather when he served in North Africa during WWII. I'm not sure of the exact history, but my grandfather always had it on display in a frame in his living room. The photo itself...
  2. Stuttermabolur

    Historical invention blueprints

    Post your old blueprints here. I count anything not detailing something we use everyday as "historical", even if the blueprint itself is only a few decades old. Try to include the name of the inventor as well as the invention if you can. The more bonkers, useless and idiosyncratic of an...
  3. Stuttermabolur

    Map thread

    Use this thread to post your best, most beautiful or interesting maps. I just came across this map of Europe from 1878 with the nations represented by people and other figures. Maybe not the most useful geographically, but it more than makes up for it in flair!
  4. watersprite

    4000 Years of Women in Science

    Speaker: Dr. Sethanne Howard, Washington Academy of Sciences presented a live lecture on the 2nd of November2021. Link to recorded lecture. “…Female creativity and genius fill our technical past, yet their fundamental contributions can be missing from our textbooks and data. The stories of...
  5. Aeolienne

    Oxford University place for Showman Milly Ayers

    (Not written by me) Showman Milly Ayers has become the first student from a travelling family to win a place studying Classics at Oxford, hailing the prestigious place as “a win for the entire fairground community.” A showman from Chertsey has become only the third student from a travelling...
  6. G

    Autism before its discovery

    I realize a lot of stuff like this has probably been discussed on here before; but I what I want to do on here, is make the strongest case possible, that Autism existed before it was discovered. The reason I want to make this case, is because in my thinking over the apologetics I will employ in...
  7. M

    On the history of gaming

    Often come across articles blaming gamers for a culture of violence in the world. The violence, the recreational time it takes to play games, the attitudes of gamers. Rarely have I come across anything that does not make me feel guilty about playing online games. I've been playing for a long...
  8. M

    Technology: The Civic Labor of Online Moderators

    The Civic Labor of Online Moderators IPP 2016: The Platform Society c © J. Nathan Matias 2016 Abstract Volunteer moderators of online platforms have done fundamental work to foster social relations for over forty years. Moderators create, support, and control public discourse for millions of...
  9. WereBear

    The problem with Dr. Hans Asperger

    Another possible reason the US has gone "full spectrum" and I am really a High Functioning Autistic: The publication of a new history of autism called In a Different Key, by John Donvan and Caren Zucker, has reopened an unsettling question about the pioneering Viennese pediatrician Hans...
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