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  1. CosmicVenus

    Autism Genetics Study

    Hi everyone, I'm a senior in high school at a private school in Roanoke, Texas. Currently, I'm in the AP Research course and I've decided to do my project on the genetics of autism, specifically how mutations in certain autism candidate genes affect the expression of symptoms. I'm looking for...
  2. Neonatal RRT

    Genetics and autism: One of the better reviews to date. Video link.

    This was posted on YouTube in December, 2021 It helps explain: 1. The complex genetic interplay increases the risks of autism 2. How "autism" is really a "catch all" for a large group of individuals with rather broad genetic phenotypes. It explains the phenomenon of why one autistic...
  3. G

    How heritable is Autism?

    How likely is it for Autistic parents to have Autistic children? I remember googling this and finding results that said "parents with Autistic traits, are more likely to have children with Autism," but nothing saying how likely it is for Autistic parents to have Autistic children. The cynical...
  4. A

    Spectrum 10K - investigate genetic and environmental factors - UK

    For your info - Just came across this one. Spectrum 10K aims to investigate genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the wellbeing of autistic individuals and their families. We hope 10,000 autistic people and, where possible, their families will take part. Autistic people of all...
  5. M

    There is zero scientific evidence people with autism are neurodiverse

    I have studied the science of autism for years. There is zero scientific evidence that autistic brains are wired differently. Other people not being cured by CBT is irrelevant. It just means they weren't able to identify and change the beliefs that caused their symptoms. Given how stubborn...
  6. M

    Question about autism versus autistic traits

    I found this online: Suppose a genetic test for the BAP became available, and the following situation occurred: Two siblings test positive for the BAP at birth. No difference between them was noted during their first year of life. An evaluation of both siblings at 3 years old found only one...
  7. BrokenBoy

    How do I live a happy life despite losing the genetic lottery?

    While I'm not outright retarded, I'm definitely "below average" when it comes to intelligence, if only slightly at best. My genetics and DNA also makes me have an ugly looking face which makes me look like a mix of Michael Cera and Liza Minelli with Jim Morrison's hair. I'm not joking. That's...
  8. Aeolienne

    Maths graduates sought for Cambridge research study

    Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre is conducting a study in order to identify changes in the human DNA which contribute to autism and/or mathematical ability. This research project aims to understand whether individuals diagnosed with autism have specific variations in their genes...
  9. Catalyst


    Hello. I'm self-diagnosed, and perhaps incorrectly, but Asperger's (according to the DSM-IV, anyway) fits me very well. My therapist and my psychiatrist believe my bipolar disorder explains everything I've been through as a kid and my social awkwardness now, saying that even aside from bipolar...
  10. ryan1205

    Is Asperger's hereditary?

    Even though I have a twin brother who is identical, not fraternal, he does not have it. I do. I was diagnosed at age 10. My mom is bipolar and she says depression runs in the family. She also had me at 38, a few weeks before she turned 39. Could this play a factor in Asperger's? As far as that...
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