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  1. tripleU

    Can't use Blender

    Hello, I can't use Blender. How? Someone got too angry, see this thread Create a bad camera effect in Cycles? for context, he just got angry and went away. Why is the Blender community so toxic. How do I bring him back? Help me!
  2. Stuttermabolur

    Reading everything in a thread

    When I join an online community I mostly tend to lurk, and this one is no exception. Something I have noticed is that if I start reading a thread I read every single post in it, even if there have been hundreds. Especially if I intend to post something in it, as I would feel uncomfortable...
  3. Matthew Behnke

    Why is there a lack of young teens on this forum

    I have noticed a little weird trend on this site, a lot of users I meet are usually people who are older and have had autism, young adults, but I don't really see a lot of people who are under 18, I saw two users who were under 18 but of course I never get to meet them or I don't see them in...
  4. Bella Pines

    Wow, just wow, it took just 5 posts!

    Okay, so I have read many, many posts about a certain other forum that I think we all know the name of, being utterly toxic. The survivors often arrive here damaged, with no confidence. Well, I am attracted to difficult situations and like to solve problems. I also happen to have a hide as...
  5. Bronwyn

    Anyone else sick of people only coming here to get back their relationships?

    Like I see so many posts where people who dont have AS come here asking for help on why their AS ex boyfriend/girlfriend has broken up with them... Like are you trying to say that its the AS thats broken you up? How do we know why you broke up :tearsofjoy: I can see that it helps them understand...
  6. dragoncat16

    Suggestion related to "New Threads" area to the right of the page

    I think the "New Threads" area is extremely useful, and I use that to do most of my navigating on the site. However, there is an issue that someone else brought up recently that when articles autism-related news are posted as new threads, such threads tend to occupy most of the space allocated...
  7. Harrison

    Aspergers Forum 2016-10-03

    The Aspergers Forum is a site for people both on and off the spectrum. It's 'direction' is obviously aimed at aspies but it is hoped the site will be useful for NTs who may be looking at developing a better understanding of ASD. The site is ad free and will stay that way. Now open, official...
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