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female asperger's

  1. O

    23, not diagnosed yet but 99.99% sure I'm autistic

    Just some random stuff about me: I'm currently doing an undergrad accounting degree and working as a customer service staff/supervisor at a grocery store. I had severe alcohol problems in the past but I am 5 months sober and very committed to an alcohol-free life. I'm excited to join this forum...
  2. SugarPlumFairy

    Hello from Germany!

    Hey hey, I'm still a bit unsure whether I really belong here, but I thought maybe this would be a good place to meet people who share similar experiences. I'm not diagnosed with anything except depression (who isn't?), but I have a growing suspicion that I might be on the spectrum. I never...
  3. D

    Advice required on female autistic traits

    I wonder if someone can help me out here and help identify these traits as possibly being seen in female high functioning autism as I have seen many of these in combination among 3 separate women who are definitely not neurotypical and I personally believe are on the autistic spectrum. Lack...
  4. S

    Researching the experiences of girls and women on the spectrum

    Hi, I am conducting research into the experiences of women and girls on the Autism Spectrum. This research project aims to explore the experiences of women and girls on the Autistic Spectrum and how they develop a sense of who they are in relation to their diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder...
  5. gallerypiece

    my experience with self diagnosis and childhood emotional neglect, and why those things correlate.

    some people can never imagine why i would accuse my parents of childhood and teenage emotional neglect. unless you had a dysfunctional family growing up and constantly lived in hard times, you would never be able to know the neglect that some of us experience as children. i was never physically...
  6. taakitz

    Can’t leave the house, what can help?

    I’m a 17 year old female who has just recently been diagnosed with aspergers and severe anxiety, so i’m trying to still figure out everything still. One of my largest problems right now is that i can’t leave the house, can’t go to school and often cancel important appointments. at least once...
  7. Lily Muffet

    Aspies with EDS in Belgium

    Hello! I have recently been diagnosed with Asperger's at the grand old age of 46 (2 years ago). I also have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) as well as a few other things to add to the mix. I discovered a strong link between these conditions when researching muscle problems in EDS, which led to...
  8. D

    Hello! Recently self-diagnosed, excited and confused

    Hey everyone! I am so happy forums like these exist, they've been eye-opening. I've only recently realized I'm an aspie, after stumbling upon checklists and blog which described so much of my experience. A part of me is still in awe of all this, but I couldn't find any better explanation for all...
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