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dating advice

  1. C

    How long to wait until sending another message to a romantic interest?

    I have been speaking to someone online that I fancy romantically, and we are both open about liking each other (we’ve called each other cute). I was going to message him about arranging a video call as when I explained to him I’d like to keep talking online then progress to a video call he...
  2. T

    Dating advice

    Hi everyone, I have some questions for y'all about dating that involve things that I have never been able to understand, including reading emotions. I have been with my girlfriend for about two months, and I recently learned from a mutual friend that my gf is really stressed right now. I had no...
  3. Mars26

    What to do in that situation?

    I have a problem. I return to the city where I go to college and I immediately made plans with the girl I'm dating. However, she had to postpone our meeting from Saturday to Sunday because her parents had left the city and she had to keep an eye on their house. However on Sunday, her brother...
  4. sisselcakes

    NT Question - New BF may have ASD traits?

    Hi Everyone, I came on this site because everyone has always given great feedback. I am making an inquiry for a friend of mine. There's a lot I don't know. She's just getting to know him herself. I've dated someone with suspected Asperger's, so feel pretty confident in much of my knowledge...
  5. Lundi

    Studying for until late 20s to the detriment of dating/social life

    I think that my situation is a bit known here, so I will skip it. Anyway I spent most of my life, since age 4 or 5 up to age 28 studying hard, to the detriment of both my dating and social life. If you can call it that, because usually I have had no dating nor social life. In high school I was...
  6. Lundi

    Adapting to being single for life

    Following my very long first thread here about being single/virgin at almost age 30 (my 30th birthday is this Thursday), I was wondering about choosing to resign myself to be single for life. It is another path, but I was thinking about how I have a lot of quirks and difficulties that would make...
  7. Lundi

    Should men on the spectrum follow neurotypical advice for dating women?

    Following my first thread about myself being a 30 year old male with Asperger's who has always been single plus a virgin, I was recommended a few websites and YouTube channels about dating advice. But I find that the advice seems to be much more geared towards neurotypical men. For example...
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