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  1. M

    What kinds of things are you impressed by or admire?

    If I were to express admiration for something, it would be for music or art or nature or physical prowess or the inherent beauty in something, or an idea. What do you feel admiration for?
  2. BrokenBoy

    How do I live a happy life despite losing the genetic lottery?

    While I'm not outright retarded, I'm definitely "below average" when it comes to intelligence, if only slightly at best. My genetics and DNA also makes me have an ugly looking face which makes me look like a mix of Michael Cera and Liza Minelli with Jim Morrison's hair. I'm not joking. That's...
  3. A

    Feeling guilty about my collection

    Some of the things I have collected are very useful in an unarguably practical sense - I can wear them, and I will need to wear them, and eventually will wear them all out. Other things were purely decorative, but made our home look nice, and my husband likes them all. But what I have felt...
  4. Nemo

    Beauty insecurity?

    Hey, I get worried a lot of the time about whether I am perceived as beautiful/conventionally attractive. I have a theory this relates to my (mild) Aspergers and not being able to "read" other people, but I don't know. Does anyone have similar thoughts? I'd love to hear what other people think...
  5. M

    Princess Aspien reaches 500 subscribers

    This is Aspies' Central! Today the channel of Chloe Hayden has reached the 500 mark. The first major aspie female vlogger in my own country, let alone my own state. Also, the first to mention social groups. Here is her introduction video: One social group is mentioned in this video: Another...
  6. M

    Aspies and beauty

    Beauty isn't a special interest of the stereotypical Aspie. But there are women on the spectrum who do obsess with things like make-up, perfume and even things like vampires, and cartoons.
  7. M

    What is beauty to you?

    There are things in our world that I find beautiful, that fill me with a sense of wonder, awe, and happiness. They could be anything from a flower to an animal to a landscape to an idea, to a person. I'll post what I find beautiful and hope that others will too.
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