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  1. stuckinpain

    Socially Awkward Experiences...

    I wonder if I will ever accept that I have Asperger. I hate that I can't get any words out from my mouth in groups. It's so difficult and all I want is to be like the others.. Yes social. How do you learn to accept it? How do you learn to deal with that your social skills are terrible and that...
  2. Jena

    Does anyone get super awkward when you hang out with friend for first time?

    I know it's probably not just me and I know there are probally other discussions out there, but today I was hanging out with my new friend I made. And I couldn't stop being so awkward. From accidentally showing my undergarments accidentally in my closet because my mind was in lala land to...
  3. J

    This is kind of embarrassing, but I don't really know what I'm supposed to feel

    So... I recently went to a self-defense workshop that was 3 and 1/2 hours long. You weren't allowed to wear tanktops, just T-shirts. We worked in groups of three and there were lots of people in a small-ish gym/dojo. I was getting along really well with my group and at the end I was putting my...
  4. ryan1205

    Do you ever feel extremely awkward when talking to strangers?

    As of now, I feel that I don't have many opportunities to meet new people or people that I have in common with. I can talk to strangers fine, whether it be talking to the cashier or asking someone for help. I feel at most times, I make it awkward for me and the people I talk to. Recently at a...
  5. HughG

    How Do Aspies Progress Beyond Social & Emotional Immaturity?

    I once read the following words from another Aspie somewhere else and they really struck a chord within me, because this person actually described a HUGE portion of my life struggles---even as it is today. The problem, however, is that this was written by a teenager, yet I am far beyond my...
  6. sisselcakes

    Theory of mind and ASD/NT relationships

    I was talking with a friend of mine and had an epiphany of sorts. Would like your feedback. I recently broached the maybe-you-have-Asperger's subject with my bf. We have had some relationship issues I felt were influenced by his ASD-like thinking. He is almost 50 years old and says no one has...
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