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awaiting diagnosis

  1. Marmonduke

    Recalling my earlier threads and messages (plus updates)

    Hello y'all. I'm marmonduke. I'm a guy who was misdiagnosed asd and i am still awaiting an examination from a doctor. You might know me for my rant i had about being alone or single. During that time i was best friends with a girl for four years until i confessed to her and she blocked me. I...
  2. mangosoda

    Anyone else REALLY frustrated with waiting times for a diagnosis?

    I think they're wayy too long. My father called in some time at the beginning of summer to ask when we can go in for testing, and they told him to call back in September to set a date FOR NEXT YEAR! I know there is a shortage of psychologists and such but this is just insane! I have never met a...
  3. M

    Hello *waves awkwardly

    Hi, I'm Marti, 36 from Hereford. I'm currently awaiting diagnosis. Just wanted to say hi and have a look around as since I first looked into the possibility of me being on the spectrum about a year ago I have found less alone and abit more connected after hearing other people's accounts Marti
  4. Nummulite

    Hello! Waiting for assessment, and I have a question

    Hi everyone! I'm 28 years old and recently got a referral to get assessed for asd. I've come across information that made me realize it's a strong possibility for me, and I want to do more reading about autism, but I'm wondering: should I avoid doing too much research before my assessment...
  5. Ladybird2013

    I think I’m autistic...

    Hello! This is my first post on this forum, so I am a bit nervous, and I’m sorry if I don’t do this “right.” I recently watched a video by a woman with Asperger’s syndrome, and all of a sudden, it was like a shroud was lifted from my head. She talked about masking, and how pervasive it is...
  6. gallerypiece

    my experience with self diagnosis and childhood emotional neglect, and why those things correlate.

    some people can never imagine why i would accuse my parents of childhood and teenage emotional neglect. unless you had a dysfunctional family growing up and constantly lived in hard times, you would never be able to know the neglect that some of us experience as children. i was never physically...
  7. gallerypiece

    hi everyone!!!!

    hello everyone! i am new to this site and would like to find other people to talk to and share my experiences and feelings, especially for people who haven't been diagnosed and want to feel validation and not feel so alone. so, about me. i just recently turned 20, i am a female and i was born...
  8. Gummi27

    Hello, there!

    When I introduced myself earlier, I was on my phone and didn't quite understand I could make my own post to say hello. :oops: Since I typed up a novel in the intro thread I'll try and keep it short. Basically, HELLO. You can all me Gummi for now. I'm 28 years old and currently awaiting...
  9. Jharbour

    New here

    Hello, I’m Jesse from Washington state I’m 27 and in the process of diagnosis for aspergers . I’ve been going to counseling trying to figure out why I’ve had such a hard time just coping with life, and not feeling normal. I’d been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but I had the suspicion...
  10. elvina

    hello - introducing myself :-)

    uhhh hello. my name is Elvina. I am a 14 year old girl and I most likely have Asperger's. I am seeing CAMHS and I have been for about a year, for severe anxiety and a bit of (past) psychosis. the ASD case has only been going for about 3 months, and my usual nurse thinks I do have it, as does my...
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