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New Member
uhhh hello. my name is Elvina. I am a 14 year old girl and I most likely have Asperger's. I am seeing CAMHS and I have been for about a year, for severe anxiety and a bit of (past) psychosis. the ASD case has only been going for about 3 months, and my usual nurse thinks I do have it, as does my boyfriend, my friends and my mother. we were sent an Asperger's Test in the mail, which we filled it out, and gave in during my assessment at the very end of November. They took the test and asked me some questions, but have not gotten back to me yet (although I see the nurse for general appointments). the psychiatrist said it is probable I have it, and I am quite sure I do now, after (extensive) research. I also recently read a book called, "I Am An Aspie Girl" as my boyfriend's sister is autistic, and it was in their house. although it was written for young people, I related to everything it said girls with Asperger's may experience, and I feel as though I've been experiencing these things as long as I remember.
anyway, honk honk.
I am very interested in these things (listed from most interested to still very interested, but not quite as much):
  • clowns (favourite thing to study - whiteface clowns are my favourite, clown history and the art of clowning is super cool),
  • art (I have been drawing since I was 3, I love it! :0) ),
  • music (I play piano and guitar, I enjoy learning about sheet music and I listen to bands often. my favourite genres are "alt indie" or "indie rock" and jazz),
  • clouds,
  • classical studies,
  • trains,
  • French,
  • chemistry.
there are more things I am interested in, but these are the more intense ones heheh.
if anybody shares any of these interests, I would love to hear what you know about them! perhaps I could make some friends on here, it would be very nice.
thank you!
Hi Elvina, welcome to the forum! :)
I have a daughter who is 14 and she went down the CAMHS route too, and was eventually diagnosed with ASD.
I hope you enjoy the forum and make friends. I like the cat in your profile picture, is she your cat? We have 2 black cats they are great fun and much loved.

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