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  1. SacredHeart

    High Functioning Autism

    Hi, I've lost count of how many attempts I have made to make this post! I am 33, a working professional, and to most have everything under control but the truth is I don't. The fact that I can hold onto a job whislt everyting else in my life is out of controll doesn't mean I'm ok, it is...
  2. K


    My name is Kenzie. I am new here and am self-diagnosed autistic. I was wondering if anyone could help me decide if it is worth getting an official diagnosis. I have several autistic traits including avoiding eye contact, not catching on to social ques, not understanding jokes and sarcasm...
  3. R

    Won’t eat!!!!

    Any tips on how to make your autistic 3 yr old eat? Mine will only eat yoghurt and is turning away from it. He is only 14 kg( the same as his 1 yr old brother. ) I’m worried he will become sick
  4. S

    What happens after a GP referral?

    After over a year of going back to the GP, he has finally agreed to refer me properly to the organisation that I asked for but now I cant stop thinking about what's next. Hes put me on medication to try and slow me down because we dont know what's going on in my head right now but I dont stop...
  5. Jenisautistic

    Auditioning for the musical fame

    hey everyone im going to be auditioning for fame which is going to be playing at my local library. im going to sing tomorrow from Annie. could you guys tell me what you think of my cover and also if anyone has any advice. i might audition for the part of Serena Katz but im not too sure...
  6. Jenisautistic

    (Video) what is high functioning autism?

  7. YoungInnovation

    Blabbering Problem

    Hey everyone, How's it going? Today I had something on my mind that I felt like sharing with you guys. I feel that I have a blabbering problem. You see, I feel that there are mainly two sides to me ; a serious side and a goofy side. The serious side thinks things though and usually tries to...
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