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  1. tripleU

    Forum does not feel like how it was

    Hello, this forum does not feel like how it was, I think since the religion and racism things I posted here, the forum went away. It isn't like how caring it was at the start, when I joined sometime in March. What have I done wrong? I have started to hate this forum like I hate other things...
  2. Roxiee

    Do you hate it when someone ignores you?

    So, I'm not annoyed but I'm asking a question but wanting to hear others side of the question, do you get annoyed or frustrated when someone replies to someone else but sees you're message but ignores you? For example, it happened to me today, I welcomed someone not gonna say the user but then...
  3. Angie97797

    Am I being irrational here?

    So idk if a lot of you know about fidgets, I mean, probably, this is an autism forum. they’re just something to fidget with, I’m fine with them, I occasionally use them. My problem is the dumb people that use them as toys and just make them in-usable for those who actually need them. It’s...
  4. catdog55616

    Wiped Out

    So these past couple days have been interesting, to say the least. I've never known myself to have anger issues, but I've noticed that I get annoyed very quickly in situations that wouldn't bother me before. Other kids asking questions in class, a couple of kids talking over the teacher/when...
  5. Nikolas Di Domenico

    Sister and her boyfriend need help

    Having a little trouble in my family. My sister is dating this guy I hate. My whole family doesn't like him and the kid is in his late 20s has a kid, has been divorced, has no college degree, and worst of all is he is one of those Subaru WRX jerkoffs. My sister and I get into fights also because...
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