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  1. LadyS

    Android upgrade..?

    My Samsung S10 is due for an upgrade, and judging by all the new different choices, long overdue. Anyone have any recommendations because now I'm lost (we're already to v21?!). I'd like to try to stick to Samsungs but am open to other options. Android only though (sorry Apple). Maybe a...
  2. Joshua the Writer

    Can y'all find weird Android games for me?

    I have an idea for a video. It involved reacting and reviewing weird Android games. Can you find the weirdest Android games on the play store for me? I am kinda low on time. Also, the YouTube channel this will be posted on is TheGamerSaph.
  3. Butterfly88

    Android Tablets that can run Discord?

    I want to get an Android tablet that can run Discord but don't know how good of a tablet I'd need to run it smoothly. I mostly just chat on Discord servers so it wouldn't have to be able to run a game simultaneously. How much RAM/memory/ect. would I need to run it smoothly? Or if you could...
  4. Major Tom

    Rooting a Dragon Touch X10 Android device.

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas how to root my tablet. I've tried various rooting programs, King root, Kingo Root, Iroot, Vroot, etc. As far as I know the tablet is all unlocked and ready to root, but I keep getting either a no root accesablity error, or with Kingo Root it...
  5. Mr Allen

    I might need a new phone soon. Can anyone recommend a good Android?

    Topic. I had a look at the Google Pixel 2 online the other day and they're going for £549 SIM free, I don't have that kind of loot and neither does me Dad. I'm just short of half way through a SIM contract with Virgin for £12 a month for 1500 minutes, 9 Gig data and unlimited texts, I can't...
  6. Mr Allen

    Android phone charger needed.

    Topic. I have 2 USB cables for my Nexus 6 phone, neither of which work for charging the phone, they just allow me to plug the phone into my PC for file management and stuff. So basically, I need a charging cable for a Nexus 6 phone, I am aware of Google and eBay, but I'd rather not buy one...
  7. Mr Allen

    Ringtone creator for Chrome OS or Android phone?

    Topic. I have a big musical keyboard at Home, which I could use to record tunes to create ringtones with, but does anyone know any good recording software for Android phones or Chrome OS PC which I could use to record myself playing tunes on the keyboard?
  8. Lady Penelope

    I beseech you, Tech Genius: How do I transfer photos from android phone to Macbook?

    Please help! Photos on my android Samsung Galaxy 7 need to be transfer to my Macbook. Bluetooth won't recognise my phone device on the laptop. I have tried USB directly from phone to computer but it still won't recognise the phone. There are a few free android/computer apps that I have looked...
  9. C

    Favorite apps?

    Hi everyone. Just wondering what favorite apps you might have and use often? Can be for iOS, android, desktop, anything goes. Can be absolutely anything you like, games, planning, relaxation, social media and so on. Have you found anything that has helped with autism specifically? Cory ✌️
  10. Mr Allen

    Screen overlay while playing Pokemon Gon on Nexus 6 Android phone

    Topic. And while using various other apps. I've Googled the problem and asked my Brother, but he doesn't have an Android phone or play Pokemon Go, so he doesn't know what I'm on about. Can anyone help solve this problem? As mentioned Google has failed me.
  11. Mr Allen

    Pokemon Go GPS settings on Nexus 6 Android?

    Topic. How do I get the GPS to work for Pokemon Go on my Nexus 6 phone? The GPS works for everything else just not on Pokemon Go. Can anyone help?
  12. Mr Allen

    How do I install Pokemon Go on my Nexus 6 (Android) in UK legally?

    Topic. And is it simple to do? I mean OK yeah at 40 I'm possibly too old for Pokemon, but everyone's going mad about it, and it's free apparently so I might as well give it a go :D
  13. Bro'Freak

    iOS & Android store your location data, linked to your Google account.

    Mmm.. it seems that by default iOS & Android are storing in their servers data on where a phone linked to a Google or Apple account has been geographically. It's talked about in the following link, if this sort of stuff bothers you it might be worth a read on how to clear all such data from...
  14. Xenocity

    Nintendo's Miitomo finally come West - iOS and Android only!

    Earlier Today Nintendo formally launched it's first mobile app Miitomo in NA and most of Europe. It is only on iOS and Android. For iOS you need to be on an iPhone 4S or higher. Miitomo is a quirky and fun chat app that allows you to ask and answer questions from those on your friends list...
  15. Xenocity

    New Android ransomware: Pay $500 or face factory reset

    It's not on the Google Play Store yet... You're forced to pay $500 or face a forced factory reset.
  16. Xenocity

    Goodbye Google Inc, hello Alphabet Inc!

    http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2015/08/google-alphabet.html Google Inc. is officially no more! Alphabet will be the name of what will effectively be a new holding company, the Web company said in a blog post Monday. It will include Google Inc. and Calico, a separate unit that includes Google...
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