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  1. Y

    Acts of service without emotional repair after mocking me

    Husband and I are both autistic. I'm not alexithymic but he is. I'm an emotional person. Words of affirmation, quality time and touch are my love languages. He shows love through gifts and acts of service. He hurt me very badly yesterday. He mocked my deepest, most vulnerable emotional needs...
  2. A

    Alexithymia - How to Unsuppress Emotions

    Here is a youtube video on how to unsuppress emotions and this is an article on alexithymia Alexithymia Note these items come from a perspective of online gamers - but are more generally applicable.
  3. M


    I'd like to know if anyone has been formally diagnosed with Alexithymia. I think I have it (to some degree), but it's not worth the cost and hassle to get diagnosed. I'd like to hear more about typical emotional experiences from others with it. Personally, I've had several instances where I had...
  4. UncomfortablyNumb

    Old Aspie, New Member

    Hi Fellowe Forum Folke, Just found this forum, and I'm liking what I see. 67 year old retired male. Issues (among others) are major clinical depression, alexithymia, high-functioning Asperger's, and most likely schizoid personality disorder (with a lot of borderline tossed in as well.) MCD...
  5. A

    anhedonia versus alexithymia whats the difference

    I am unsure what the difference is between alexithymia and anhedonia. The two terms seem to refer to quite similar conditions. I quote from two web sources below but am still unsure what the difference is. In my mind anhedonia is related to a loss of emotion which was there before and...
  6. A

    A recent experience of Alexithymia - eye opening for me

    During the easing of the lock down we are allowed to meet outside with another household. My wife organised for some good friends of us to come and visit one afternoon. It was the first time they had been out of their house for many weeks. Afterwards we received a thank you letter form them...
  7. M

    Alexithymia (trouble identifying and describing emotions)

    WHAT IS ALEXITHYMIA? Alexithymia refers to trouble identifying and describing emotions. Most people learn about emotions from their parents. If your parents did not teach you about emotions or adequately respond to your emotional distress when you were a child, you may have trouble understanding...
  8. A

    How do people cope with not feeling (as in alexithymia)?

    I heard somebody say recently say that they feel their partner's love again (after they have had a rough patch). It made me ask if I have known my wife's love and how I have felt that. To say that I have felt "in love" such as one sees on TV is not my experience, not that I take TV as an...
  9. A

    Simple article on ASD and another on alexithmia

    I am in the process of telling my family of my suspicions about me being on the ASD spectrum and having alexithymia. Most of the articles giving an overview of ASD are written with children in mind or are giving a negative view. I am looking for something short, concise (2-4 sides of paper)...
  10. Jenisautistic

    Alexithymia video I found on YouTube

    Does anyone have this I think I might have this I can never tell how I’m feeling I’m just basically in the moment all the time It’s very difficult for me to explain things in detail as well as to describe feelings And my memory is pretty bad Most of the time I get only talk or even...
  11. catdog55616

    Well That's New

    Something weird happened today. I felt bad because I continuosly got a problem wrong in math, which carried over into science. We were discussing possible group projects, and I had gone nonverbal. Hearing everyone talk about the project made me a bit angry, which manifested into a physical...
  12. Clueless in Canada

    Empathy and ASD

    Whether or not alexithymia is part of an individual's autism package, I frequently see it stated that one of the many autism traits is "Difficulty understanding others' feelings." I puzzle over this and what it means. I have difficulty reading others' feelings but I can understand them if they...
  13. ariannegarcia

    autism anxiety and alexithymia

    I had a panic attack the other day, and I tried to work through it. I wrote about how I was "feeling" and this is my understanding of my experience <3 I Need A Break: Autism, Anxiety, and Alexithymia
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