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Recent content by Mike Stouffer

  1. Mike Stouffer

    Tom Petty RIP

    Rest In Peace! One of the BEST! October 3, 2017
  2. Mike Stouffer

    If you have one foot in tomorrow and one foot in yesterday you end up peeing on today...

    If you have one foot in tomorrow and one foot in yesterday you end up peeing on today...
  3. Mike Stouffer

    Is this really life with us?

    Wow, these are the things that people with this challenge battle against. Yes, every person displays some type of issue of one sort of another. None of us are perfect. But these stereotypes are what keeps some NT's away from getting to know and develop a friendship with a person who the medical...
  4. Mike Stouffer

    Hi. Short introduction

  5. Mike Stouffer

    Hi there

    Welcome! Your among friends!
  6. Mike Stouffer

    Where should I get my tattoo?

    Actually, not to bad if you keep it to the rib cage and not so much on the side of belly, have seen some gals get dolphins around belly button, get pregnant and dolphin turns into free Willy. The rib cage stings so very important you stay as still as possible or each twitch either brings the...
  7. Mike Stouffer

    Where should I get my tattoo?

    As a retired tattooist, couple things to keep in mind. Wrist is area that bends a lot during lifetime so skin is more elasticity, meaning stretching over time, which impacts lines overtime expanding them. Lettering looks great for 5 to 10 years but as life goes on tends to blur with what's...
  8. Mike Stouffer

    RIP Walter Becker

    What a band! One of the best? RIP all the way. So sad.
  9. Mike Stouffer

    Ideas on how to combat negativity

    Know the feelings well. I have a difficult time with this. It takes practice and a conscious awareness in catching it and creating a habit of reverse thinking. Instead of reasons negativity come up with reasons why it's to the good. For every little and big thing. Life kicks our butts enough...
  10. Mike Stouffer

    Cancer I Hate You

    Thank you!
  11. Mike Stouffer

    Cancer I Hate You

    I thank you for this! Means more than you can imagine!
  12. Mike Stouffer


    Welcome! Read, share, and you'll be surprised at how much you'll learn. You did the hard part, writing and sharing your feelings. Stay on course and know it's okay being different and what a boring world this life would be if we were all the same.
  13. Mike Stouffer

    So, I finally got tested...

    If you feel you have issues that could be Aspergers related it's important you research triggers and what leads to what. You could go to ten different counseling people and end up having ten different opinions. If you can relate and understand what your friends and support system here share, and...
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