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  • What kind of snake do you have & what's his/her name?
    Do you have any pictures of your snake? I love snakes!
    I feel that we are all special, in our own uniquely cool vibes.

    I think it is the special stuff, not the ability to fit into others' world, that really make everyone valuable to our diverse world :)
    That's great - may have dreads for a few days.

    Hope we'll all have beautiful, colourful hair :D
    Hi Kelly

    I love your dreadlocks on your avatar and display pictures. Perhaps I should consider do 'em dreads, too.
    well its a good thing- I was a little unsure to ask-but considering my PM mesage box full of messages to each other I had to find a solution
    Hi Kelly- Thanks for the friends thing-you are the first I have asked- all the others well 4 people asked me-I am not too good at this- I am glad you are ok[/COLOR]
    That is so cool about the outfits and hair thing matching. I am terrible with matching probably because I don't see well but anyway. Its too bad that you're having so many problems. I am glad though that you have one person on your side. I think its hard to know and the offical people being all oh I don't know...its hard. It happens I was and am still like that if my mom rearranges things without my help.

    Oh I ma fine. My new friends are good. I am being slow with them and they understand. They are very understanding of if I say I need to go home then they take me home there is no fighting about it. Because they reconigize that it is something I can't help i can do some things about it but yah. I hope things start to go better for you.
    Kelly I love the sunglasses and the star necklace very cool. I hope things are well for you...how's the frustration with you daughters psych people?
    G'Day there, I just dropped by to thank you for your kind words on my blog, congratulations on the snakes two ; ]
    Oh its fine. I read that you've been having a few hard days here. So no worries I am more than happy to wait until you have time. Thanks my friend did a good job on him. Plus the dress is amazing. I hope no more evil customers too but today I am at the service desk sooo evil customers it will be. Its all right I tend to zone out and do the Aspie stare and hang with the characters that my dolls are based on so so eh it could be worse.

    I hope things get better for you and your clan though. Good luck with getting all the assessments done.
    Just thought I would show you my Boy Arwen in his new dress. He refused to give it back. Soooo I just thought you might like to see it too.

    Tonight when I get home I am gonna compile a list of great wig and eye places for you and send you a PM. So you have them all. Ahhhh yah SOOM's are gorgeous and more expensive than any other brand except for Iplehouse. I do like Sard I think he's 65-70cm tall. If I remember correctly. I considered a soom for my really evil character...they have some really great dollies you might want to also think about about Spirit Doll they have some cool ones. I know so many choices. But what I like is that you can do layaway with most companies. I will send you a pm with stuff when I get home from work...yes yes..
    Oh well you're welcome. I just saw that you and your daughter liked them and thought that that might be a good place to check out. They also have an ebay store as well.
    I know you and your daughter like the SYLVANIAN FAMILIES sets I thought you might like to know of a site called LUTS. Its where I get my dollies from sometimes but they carry a whole lot of those cute little families and I just thought of you saying you had been looking on ebay in one of your posts.

    LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company :: Delf, Bluefairy, Blythe, Doll items like wig, clothes, shoes and Doll faceup materials
    Hope you are well.
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