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You made it.

By Voltaic · May 1, 2019 · ·
  1. Right now you are reading these words. That means you are still here. Good job. You have made it through a lot to get here. You remember probably. All that bad stuff that happened; things most people don't go through, dark moments were you can see no light. You made it through everything to get to this point, reading this comment.

    It was no easy task. What have you gone through to get here? Think of everything that has happened to you. God knows the stuff you had to put up with from yourself and others. It was a lot. maybe even too much to bare. Maybe it has broken you, but you remain here, reading this comment.

    Because through all of what you have been through, there is one constant. You survive. You make it through. You go on to continue life. You may remember all that has happened, with memories being heavy, but you can forget in between the times you remember. There is beauty in the moment when it is unaffected by the past or future.

    No matter how dark it gets there are moments of light; sometimes brief, but if you are looking for it you will see it. Those moments are respite in the hard journey we take. When life demands so much we cannot demand perfection from our self. We cannot just look to moments of euphoria when they are fleeting and far in between to motivate us. Use the small but plentiful things that happen everyday as power to move foreword.

    Life will go on, and with life eventually comes bad things. Look at everything you have been through as a sign of your strength. If you made it through all that, you can make it through a lot more. Persistence is a muscle that has to be trained. Those bad moments serves to make you stronger for your next battle, and battle you must, because nothing good comes without effort. Through struggle you create a better self.

    Keep fighting that good fight.
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  1. Pinkie B
    I don't want to fight anymore...

    But this is a beautiful post! Thank you!