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My Official Diagnosis


Yesterday. 1-29-24. I got my results back from my official test with an autism specialist. She said the results are in, you are Autistic 100%!

She started by asking how I’m doing and it confused me so I asked for clarification. I said you mean as an autistic person what is my latest autistic experience? She said sure or anything you want to share. I said well I started to have a meltdown at church the other day because I got flushed like my chest and face felt like they were on fire and I felt overstimulated so I went to the bathroom with a friend to calm down and then I was able to return to the service. Then I just kind of waited for her to speak because I didn’t know what she wanted me to say. So thankfully she said my test results were in from the 7 tests I took that took 3 days to complete. The first test was an IQ test and she said well the good news is that you are bright but you were stereotypical on every measure with autism. She said it’s rare for an autistic person to achieve a masters degree and that I should be proud of that. The next part I took scrappy notes on and when she mails or emails the hard copy of my results then I will write another blog entry explaining them better.

poor verbal expression concerning the social pragmatic piece

poor coping skills

good perceptual reasoning and processing speed

good auditory memory

bad visual memory

bad immediate memory

average delayed memory with repetition

(hearing and visual must be paired for me to understand)

good reading and spelling skills

average math skills

average sentence comprehension

bad tracking

bad sequencing

(trouble transitioning especially with fast changes)

bad concentration to the point of ADD

bad visual motor perception

average fine motor skills

bad communication score with use of idiosyncratic phrases cues and emphatic gestures stereotypical of autism

bad adaptive social behavior

bad at practical daily living

eye contact here and there

flat emotion

bad social pragmatics so in need of a speech and language therapist

So she made a recommendation for referral to my doctor to have me referred to a speech and language pathologist and she said she will set up regular counseling sessions over Zoom with me so I thought this journal would help my memory as I tell her about my week. So yeah this is my first entry. I’ll try to be consistent.


Come back to this site, there is a lot of support here. I noticed there was no mention of special interests. There are great things about you too. You just need to discover them. Alot of members have great jobs that are very specialized, like as their favorite interests. You maybe discovering specialized interests yourself. My daughter did complete her college degree and is
a research specialist. She is also like you. However, l never took to any specialist. Don't give up on yourself.
My special interest is personality psychology. I like to study personality and compatibility. I can look at two people and determine if they are soulmates. I am thinking about going into a career in matchmaking but I need a matchmaking certificate that costs $4500 and takes 3 months to complete. I also need to submit a business plan. I don’t know how to recruit because of my autism making me socially awkward. So I feel like the dream is bigger than myself. But God places God sized dreams in people to prove he did it when it comes true.
Don't let a diagnosis tell you what you can or cannot do. I was a bit surprised at the psychologist statement: "it's rare for an autistic person to achieve a masters degree." By definition almost that could be more or less correct for ASD3, but academia if full of people with autism and what was called Asperger's syndrome.

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