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Is it autism or is it just me?

After my diagnosis back in 2019, I found out that things I thought were just my personal issues were in fact traits of autism. My dislike of the texture of certain fabrics, for instance. I also hate people getting too close in many situations which also seems to be an autism issue.

But what about my dislike of seeing people sitting in a parked car - especially if the motor is running? I'm thinking why don't you get out or drive away? Why are you wasting petrol? Are you absolutely loaded? Then there's my white-hot hatred of people who try to get in a train before I have a chance to get out. That really tests my opposition to capital punishment.

These various resentments could be to do with my rigid mindset and therefore possibly an autistic thing. Or they could be just my personal issues. In either case, they are mine to resolve because one thing they are not are problems for other people ("...accept the things we cannot change...").


After my diagnosis back in 2019, I found out that things I thought were just my personal issues were in fact traits of autism.

My attitude:
"The Truth shall set you free."
EVERYONE, on or off the spectrum, has certain "hot buttons" - special likes and dislikes. I doubt that all of your particular hot buttons are tied to your diagnosis. But, some likely are. So, yes, it's just you, and yes, it autism.

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