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Mothers Who Use

Okay, so that title is misleading. This is just something that has bothered me - I seem to attract users. Mothers who are users. Meaning, they pay a lot of attention to me and act really friendly when they want something from me, but when they don't want something from me, they ignore me. It's really annoying. I have 2 moms "friends" like this - where I genuinely thought we were going to be friends, but in the end they just ended up using me - usually to do something for their children. I felt manipulated, and it was a while before I wised up - if I even did. I still wonder if it's just that moms are just so busy. I hear that all that time, and I know it is true - so then I wonder if this is just normal behavior for mothers - to only act friendly when they need something because that's when you are on their mind, and then - whoosh! Suddenly their sacred maternal attention is directed elsewhere, and I just need to understand that. Anyway, both moms don't seem to like me much anymore. Still try to use me once in a while, but I have sidestepped them, so I'm falling out of favor - which is a good thing. I think one was especially annoyed because I helped tutor her girls, who are homeschooled, and uncovered huge gaps in their "schooling". Then the family got defensive about any proposed solutions - like the kids actually having to study and memorize things and take notes. So these people who seemed to "love" me now really do not. Oh well. You know, I've got 2 friends from a long time back, maybe they will be my only friends, though they are really long-distance. I think what I like about them is that they have no agenda. I really dislike "friends" with any kind of agenda, and those seem to be the majority of people who approach me for "friendship". Either they need me to listen to all of their complaints in life or they want me to do something for them.


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