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Negative Opinion/One I had before:​
It's one thing to look at a fictional character and go "awooga" thinking that they're pretty or handsome, but it's another thing thinking that about a person.

Yes, I would rather kiss my lovely dog and give him a big, sloppy hug than have a real person kiss me on the lips. I've tried kissing and don't like it yet.

This topic makes me uncomfortable a lot of the time, especially because of how often love is protrayed in the media.

Changing my POV:​
However, I have a feeling that someday I will know what it's like, and won't have to dwell on it anymore. In fact, I have rarely seen real people that turn me on.

It's better to focus on...
- Family love instead of fake or movie love, but movie love can sometimes pull at our heartstrings or be adorable because it's believeable
- You can love an object or character for their cuteness/handsomeness/attractiveness/personality or whatever, it's okay!
- You can love no one and be single or have no real life crushes (like me) for a while. That's okay too.

I'm slowly learning not to judge love, even though it's protrayed in a silly and often sexual way. I'm finally starting to understand it this Valentine's Day, 2023. :kissingheart:


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