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  1. Georgia Galaxy

    Just Some Cool Questions

    Inspired by @DaisyRose, Would you like to ask some cool questions about me? I'd love to answer them but don't make it too much about adult topics cause I'm still under 18 :)
  2. Georgia Galaxy

    Cool Quote I'm Thinkin' About

  3. Georgia Galaxy

    New YouTube Videos

    For anyone who watches, do you feel like both YouTube and YouTubers are going through a change lately? I've seen some of the younger, newer ones taking breaks for mental health, but it's sad because this cool guy, TheEternalSamurai, who does Sonic and MLP videos, has decided to take a pretty...
  4. Georgia Galaxy

    My First Live Stream!

    Check it out here, it's pretty chill. I made a bunch of timestamps to good moments last night that sadly didn't save, sometimes YouTube is silly and turns the comments off. Hope you enjoy and you can skip past a few bits if you'd like <3 Hello (I’m doing chores!) my first stream.
  5. Georgia Galaxy

    Music Choice

    I hope you enjoy, Ayy this is my first poll! ^^ I'd really like to know! Explain more in the comments. Sadly I can't add any more options now, the last option would be Video Game Music. :P
  6. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    1. Do you ever have negative, one-sided or short-lived friendships with others? Because man, I've already had two of those this year and it's kinda hit me in the head like a nail >_<;; I feel like it's not a good sign when a friendship feels more like a struggle instead of something that's...
  7. Uninstalling


    How do you guys feel when you uninstall or delete stuff that you don't need off of your device? Personally... WOW it feels great. I also enjoy changing my laptop's desktop wallpaper. Computering is fun :P My Mum's a huge fan of computers so I get my fast typing fingers from her. How do you like...
  8. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    I love how this blog is a place where I can safely share my feelings and opinions (amidst anything online) and feel comfy without opening my mouth <3 It's been very therapuetic for me, and I wasn't expecting to genuinely enjoy it here so much (I joined it last year, not expecting to actually...
  9. Stimming and Social Media <3

    Stimming and Social Media <3

    I just did an adorable happy stim which I have been doing barely any of lately!! Man this 1st of March is feeling great so far <3 I love happy stimming? What are your happy/self-regulatory stims? Also, for some funny reason, I just got a huge boost of happiness and dopamine from looking on...
  10. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    It's okay to feel not fully understood by people, especially your family. They cannot understand or relate to everything you're going through, especially if you're younger. Music can either bring people together or occassionally, divide them (for example, my love for watching My Little Pony...
  11. Georgia's Aspie Blog


    I've just created a BandLab account (my name on there is GeorgiaGalaxy!) and man have I had fun making music on there. In fact, I made my first three tracks in under an hour ^.^ Please be sure to check out: YouTube (best known for Keyboard, Music and Original Content)...
  12. Georgia's Aspie Blog

    Fictional Affection

    Serious Side Kirby looks adorable but he's actually a murderous rampager. That's characters for you. Most characters look adorable or visually appealing, but they still exhibit bad traists like violence, rudeness and so on so forth, even if the art style looks friendly. Truth Characters have the...
  13. Georgia's Aspie Blog

    Love and Crushes <3

    Negative Opinion/One I had before: It's one thing to look at a fictional character and go "awooga" thinking that they're pretty or handsome, but it's another thing thinking that about a person. Yes, I would rather kiss my lovely dog and give him a big, sloppy hug than have a real person kiss me...
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