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Hashius and Dynamite Dont Mix - Part 01 of 02

A image of Agnetha appears. "We have a cautionary tale to tell. Don't worry, you must listen to it. It might make you shiver in your bones but its important to learn. I wonder what you might learn from it, wait, you will have to wait and see wont you? Or why don't you read it?" Agnetha mentions and winks. Suddenly you see Hashius. "Those Haast Eagles, they are ridiculous. I just want them to be on my side. You see where Im getting at?" Hashius says and hes speaking to a shadow. The shadow reveals itself clearly. "What would be good with the pairing of Haast Eagles?" the shadow replies and it forms to be a man with dark black yet kinda spiky hair. "I know, Kiwis" Hashius says. "I agree. But what side are they on?" the man asks. "Agnethas" Hashius says. "Lets steal them from Agnetha and then we will have control of the animals behaving ridiculously and their perfect pairing" the man replies and Hashius smiles. You go back to where you were and Agnethas in her castle. Agnetha sees that and stops. "Who is that guy?" Agnetha thinks and suddenly she sees another one. "This Agnetha? Is she nice?" another stranger asks and he looks like he has a dark complexion a little. You see nothing unusual about him. "Yeah, of course she is" Shiznown replies. "Good. Then I wouldn't want to get on her bad side" the man says and you see he has blue eyes yet brown hair streaked with black but a shade of pink too. "Neither would I" Shiznown replies. Wab walks up. "They say, if you get on her bad side, you get the frightening of your life though guys" Wab says. "What do you mean?" the man asks. "You get scared out of your skin and your skeleton turns into jelly" Wab says. "I don't understand, jelly?" Shiznown wonders. "Have you heard the tale of Morphios and Agnetha?" Wab says. "No. Who is Morphios?" the man asks. "Someone you don't want to know Brony712. It explains the saying I just said, the bit about your skeleton turning into jelly" Wab replies. "How can a skeleton turn into jelly?" Shiznown asks. "The tale goes that once Agnetha was dealing with Morphios. Agnetha cast a strong spell and Morphios stood as still as a statue. Anyway, Rainault walked up" Wab says. "Rainault?" Brony712 asks. "The Vampire we don't double-cross. He stared at Morphios and turned his skeleton to jelly, like he was weak at the knees but he couldn't walk. Agnetha said 'You double-crossed me Morphios. Don't think of doing it' but there is no more to the tale. Now you get the saying?" Wab says. Agnetha gets it and sees what they really mean. She sees where they are and walks up. "No, I still don't get it" Shiznown replies. Wab sees her. "It basically means don't double-cross me or you will never find the strength to walk again as Rainault and I would take it away from you" Agnetha says. "Wow. I didn't know you could do that" Brony172 replies. "Neither did I till I heard the tale and I know to never back-stab Agnetha if I was about to. That tale would set me on the path of good things, not bad things" Wab says. "Does any of you know who the guy with the black spiky hair is, like a shadow?" Agnetha asks. "Hoeffelt?" Brony712 wonders. "No idea about his name. But what I want to know is what is he doing hanging out with Hashius?" Agnetha asks. "No idea" Wab says. "Neither do I" Shiznown replies. "Who is Hashius?" Brony712 asks.


People I have met Sabertooth. Hashius is one I like to play with. A troublemaker of some sorts as you can obviously tell. Armachaes my real life boyfriend. Agnethas me. Wab is one very good Australian in the chatbox here. I met Maelstrom, Shiznown, Brony712 and hoeffert here too and they are good people. Boudicca (not mentioned in this part) is one of my good friends. Same with Rainault. Morphios is someone I dont like basicly.

These are all people I have met to summarise it all Crossbreed.

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