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Aspergers Syndrome Is Not A Mental Disorder

Agnetha closes her eyes and FlyingKiwifruit stops. She is there and she studies the full situation. "You are a ass-kisser" Morphios says. "Say it again, louder" FlyingKiwifruit thinks and Morphios stops. Agnetha makes FlyingKiwifruit fully there. Agnetha hears what she said. "Am I?" Agnetha asks. "You are" Morphios says. "Don't call Agnetha names. Agnethas not a ass-kisser" Eggs replies and Eggs is there. FlyingKiwifruit folds her arms. "What? She agrees with everything" Morphios says. "For good reason" Agnetha replies and closes her eyes. FlyingKiwifruits fully there and her ghost is not there. Her full body is there. Shes back to life and she looks at me and she walks to me. "Agnetha, its going to be okay. Eggs and I will defend you. You need people to defend you" FlyingKiwifruit says. "Can I?" Agnetha asks. "Sure" FlyingKiwifruit answers and Agnetha hugs FlyingKiwifruit. FlyingKiwifruit hugs Agnetha back. "Agnetha has been recently diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. She doesn't need to be called names" Eggs says. "Aspergers Syndrome is a mental condition" lopezitus replies. "Its not. How dare you say that about Aspergers Syndrome. Its a learning disability" Eggs says angrily. "It is" lopezitus replies. Agnetha lets go of FlyingKiwifruit and she then curls into a ball. Brandon sees it and stops. "Do you want to get a fist in the face for that comment?" Eggs asks angrily. "Enough threats" Trainaus says. "This has gone on for long enough. FlyingKiwifruit tell Brandon what Morphios just said" Agnetha replies. "Aspergers Syndrome is your fault you have it then" Morphios says. FlyingKiwifruit suddenly is fully back and she looks at Morphios. "Are you sick? Its no ones fault anyone has it. Its your fault you cant see the facts in front of your face" FlyingKiwifruit answers. Brandon stops. He hears it and sees what shes saying it fully to. Agnetha makes FlyingKiwifruit members of MagnumRoma and The Romans then. FlyingKiwifruit changes in front of Brandon's eyes and Agnetha sees her. She looks like a Sorceress. Her black hair shines like a ravens wing. She has a slender body and her eyes are highlighted by long eyelashes. She looks awesome and you realize shes a Drow Vampire Sorceress. A Raven flies above Ronaldicus's head and lands on FlyingKiwifruits shoulder and you see the Raven belongs to her. Eggs lifts up in the light and she transforms into a Light Goddess. She then comes back on the ground fully. Her light costume looks like a sun light hit it and she looks awesome. "I have an announcement. If anyone says Aspergers Syndrome is a mental condition, they just have been diagnosed with a mental condition called idioticy disease which cannot be cured" Agnetha says. "You are saying I have a mental condition?" Morphios replies. "Its not my fault you have it. Dogs Of War, Los 3 Caines and MagnumRoma don't have it. FightersJoin and Tribal Blood II have sadly been infected by the both of you idiots" Agnetha says. "I didn't realize Idiots disease could be caught. I'm glad I don't have it and I'm not getting it either. I cant be bothered catching it" Harrad replies. "I do not have a mental condition, neither does Morphios" Lopezitus says. "Neither do I and its not my fault I have Aspergers Syndrome. Its your fault you have what they call idiots disease" Agnetha replies glaring straight back at Lopezitus and Morphios.


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