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Fandoms and culture

By now your average everyday millennial has heard of the term "Fandom". When it reaches your ears, you probably think about a stereotype about these specific groups of people. The truth is, fandom's could've actually been a result of our worlds culture and it just means they like this specific thing.

Take furries for example; when most people think of furries, they probably think of a bunch of people in mascot costumes having sex with each other or animals. That's not true at all. Furries are actually people who like the design aspect of anthropomorphic animals or animals with human characteristics; they like it for the design aspect or other reasons. More information here. This big fandom could've most likely been of the many cartoons in the late 19 hundreds and early 2000's featuring anthropomorphic animals. Some of the kids watching these cartoons have not grown out of it and began to grow into it as they got older.

Another example of a fandom adding to our culture is the video game fandom. These people are just people who like the aspect of being the protagonist in a virtual world. Think of how mainstream media treats video games. Most stories have made the stereotype that all video gamers are just violent teenagers in their basement; that's not true at all.

There's nothing wrong with playing video games or competing in them in Esports because video games are just another way to entertain ourselves and others. People made these virtual worlds and it's just another work of art. People all over the world can enjoy these games as well as creating or adding on to our video game culture today. Some people make parody videos of some popular video games and some make their own fan made versions adding to our diverse culture we know today.

There are many other fandoms out there that add on to the diverse culture of humans but there's way too many to talk about. So if you're part of a specific fandom, don't feel down just because you're a part of them; It just means you happen to like this specific thing.


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