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ASD Online Test- RAADS-R


What’s your score on the test below? Mine is 204 out of 240.

Free Neurodivergent Test

The DSM V defines autism. I'll summarize:
-Deficits in social interaction and communication
-Deficits in making or reading nonverbal cues and behavior
-Difficulty maintaining relationships
-Fidgeting, pacing, or other repetitive behavior
-Inflexible adherence to routines and transitions
-fixated interests on projects or passions for hours
-Hypersensitivity to the 5 senses
-Early developmental symptoms
-Social and occupational impairment
-Not an intellectual disabilitity

Neurodivergents that are in the autism spectrum present stress in two ways; shutdowns or meltdowns. I theorize sensors that have “S” for a letter are more focused outward on their environment and are more aware of their 5 senses so they experience more meltdowns but those with “N” for a letter are more focused inward and experience more shutdowns. I also theorize that there are three types of Neurodivergents. The first type is damaged on both sides of their brain and they seem to be stuck at a younger age and act the way that many define an autistic person. The second type was damaged on their right brain and they are exceptionally good at numbers. They can count how many items of each thing are in a room very quickly and they are often human calculators that are able to do math in their heads. The last type is the type that I actually am which would be defined as damage to the left brain so that my right brain is genius. I can describe it the best as having pictures in my head that I need to translate but pictures speak 1000 words and I have to put it in the most concise easily understood sentence. It takes a lot of work and I translate for my left brain which is subpar. The genius part comes in because with either the second or third type that only have damage to one side of the brain, the other side accommodates and actually gets really strong for doing so. It’s like when people lose their sight then their hearing gets sharper than most people because they tune into it more. Also the brain is a muscle so it gets really strong on one side and the person could even use all their potential on one side whereas most people divide their focus between two sides. I am an ENTP so I experience shutdowns more than meltdowns but I do experience both very severely.

I will answer questions about it if you want to ask me anything and if you want to comment on my theory then please be kind.


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