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A story I wrote today ... I call it Vulcade with a bowl of Jelly

A BROUHAHA grabs a can of beer and sits on a log. "So, as they say, the best things in life are the 70s music" Wab says. Agnetha grabs a magazine and reads it. "Brilliant. But the best pop comes from the early 80s" Aurora replies. "Most definatly" Wab says. "As they all say, the best thing in life is beer" A BROUHAHA says holding his can of beer. "From a mans perspective" SignOfLazarus replies. "Agreed with that one" A BROUHAHA says. Bewb walks in. "What about breastmilk?" Bewb asks. "What?" SignOfLazarus replies. Everyone looks at him. "I heard the best thing in life is beer, just wondered where Breastmilk comes into the equasion of life" Bewb says. "Babies drink breastmilk" SignOfLazarus replies. "So do I. Its one of my favourite drinks in the whole world" Bewb says. "Your joking right?" A BROUHAHA asks. "Nope" Bewb says. Agnetha flips a page. "Tell me hes joking" SignOfLazarus replies. "To most men, the best thing in life is beer. Not to all men" Agnetha says. "Right" Bewb replies. Trey13 walks up and sits on the log next to A BROUHAHA whos not watching while A BROUHAHA is focusing on Bewb. Trey13 pinches the can of beer and opens it. He then takes a sip of the beer. "Delicious" Trey13 says. Agnetha puts her magazine down and grabs a beer from the 6 pack. She hands it to SignOfLazarus and she sees Trey13 has one and she grabs a beer. She then hands it to Belenus walking in. Belenus grabs it and hands it to Carisoprodol whos following him. Agnetha goes back to sitting down. "Thanks Agnetha" SignOfLazarus says. Bewb grabs a can of beer. "Your welcome" Agnetha replies. Armachae walks in and he has 2 cans of cola. He hands one to Agnetha. He then sits down beside Agnetha as Agnetha opens her can of cola. A BROUHAHA looks at his empty hand. "Wheres my beer gone?" A BROUHAHA asks. "Dont ask me" Agnetha says. "Nor me" Ceasar49 says walking up. Ceasar49 grabs a beer from the 6 pack. "Grab your own" Bewb replies and takes one. "I did" A BROUHAHA says. "It pays not to focus on people shocked. That is just what might happen. I did pinch your beer" Trey13 says. "Okay. Might as well" A BROUHAHA replies and grabs one. Belenus reaches out and grabs his acorn flavoured milk. He doesnt drink it. Wab sees it and stops. "Why is he doing that???" Wab asks. Belenus is clutching the milk tightly. "Why is who doing what?" Armachae wonders out loud. "Why is that man clutching the acorn milk tightly but not drinking it?" Wab asks. "Belenus why are you not drinking your acorn milk?" Agnetha asks. "I am like Scratt. Im fascinated with acorns" Belenus says. "Ahh. Okay" Wab replies. "Everyone meet Wab, Aurora, SignOfLazarus, A BROUHAHA and Elemental" Agnetha introduces. Elemental walks out. "Hi everyone" Elemental says and sits beside Agnetha. "Did anyone bring popcorn or delicious treats?" Bewb asks. "No idea" Agnetha says. "I didnt" Wab replies. "Why?" SignOfLazarus asks. Vulcade sneaks in behind me with a bowl of raspberry jelly. "Just wondering. I expected something to happen any second" Bewb says. Vulcade tips the jelly down Agnethas top and places the bowl on Agnethas head. Wab sees it and Agnetha stands up. She looks at Vulcade. "Thats for everything bad you have done to me the past years I have been in this town" Vulcade replies. "Vulcade" Agnetha says. "Right on time. Vulcade your under arrest" Bewb says as Armachae sees Agnethas got jelly down her top. "Shouldnt she be under arrest?" Vulcade ponders out loud. "Its not funny" Agnetha says. "No. Agnethas the leader of the town. You are not. Thats the simple difference" Bewb replies and walks behind Vulcade and proceeds to handcuff him.


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