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You Know You’re Autistic When…


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Undiagnosed autistic problems:

- When you're successful at a career because your special interest is staring at numbers and code for hours on end to the point you're working 16 hours a day.
- When your junior team members bring you food or drink because they've noticed you haven't eaten or drank all day.
- When you get confused why everyone who schmoozes up to you in the corporate world turns out to be a backstabber.
- When you get reported to HR every month for being offensive without realizing it.
- When you get reported to HR for not having the right face expression, not even saying anything in a meeting.
- When climbing the career ladder mysteriously comes with more and more alcohol.
- When you have been throwing on pajamas the moment you get home and you're so self-unaware that you don't realize it was because you have extreme sensory issues.


Active Member
...when you ask too many questions and followup questions about random things and bring up the same subject over and over again or misinterpret things. Then your classmates get irritated with you.


Active Member
...when you need constant reassurance that you are not bad and that your favorite person is not leaving you because you are bad.


Active Member
...when looking in someone's eyes is either terrifying because you don't know them and don't want them to see your soul...or...it feels like you are being distracted from all the flood of nonverbal information you can't understand to the point that the eyes hypnotize you into a trance where you can't listen. The sad part is that they think you are tracking because you know how to quickly copy their facial expressions and mirror them when it is the only process you are taking in.


Tempermental Artist
- You cringe whenever you hear the word "empathy"
- You think you would have no problems talking with space aliens, but can barely communicate with other humans.
- You often either don't feel human, or wish you weren't.
- Most, if not all your true friends aren't real. Unless plushies or action figures count as real.
- You understand the emotions and expressions of animals than you do other humans
- You unleash your inner mermaid or dolphin each time you go swimming.
- Or you treat water as if a few drops of it will make your skin fall off.
- NTs are shocked and confused when you say or do adult things because they think you're a small child.
- NTs are shocked and confused that you're actually not a small child.
- When you like something it's an "obsession" and therefor "wrong". When an NT likes the same thing it's a "hobby" and is therefore "right".
- It's okay if NTs don't understand you, but not okay if you don't understand them.
- If you relate to other humans, they're nearly always not in the same gender or age group, or even in the same country as you.


Only Rumored To Exist
... when you have already compiled/created a list of over 800 "You May Be An Aspie If..." entries, but do not post any of the entries for fear of being 'dinged' for what you post.
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When you come here. Knowing deep down who- and what you really are. With or without a formal diagnosis.

And it's ok. ;)
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I'll start:

...when you can't multi-task because the focus required for each task can't be prioritized. You don't know which to do first.
I can usually multitask and I used to be able to task switch.
I find them both usual at times.
I can watch TV and read sometimes or do something else at the same time and/or paint and watch TV.
I can do a bit of washing and then do something else and go back to the washing.

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