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Will you use Google+ when it goes live?

I'm not going to risk losing all my Google-based privileges over some bass-ackwards policy. Even Facebook isn't fully secure, but knowing that you're not forced to use your actual persona I'll be sticking with it for the time being.
Nothing on Google tbh is private if you think about it, it's one of those things I'm fully aware of. It would be really nice if Google could respect that, even this page could be crawled into Google, who knows?


Ugh... Google is sneaky. I don't mean the member by that name. :S He is all right. ;)

Anyways, I have Google+ now and it is all right. I was able to make some things private. I won't be adding anyone from here on Google+ though, unless you known me for a LONG time (or from the book-face).
Hahah, Aillas that was a cool way to show that Google knows almost everything about us. Even that we talk about hiding some privacy. :)

So could it be that me living in Northern Europe fail to get an invitation. Them roll out in USA and Canada first? I have not looked on your profiles, does some of you that already have G+ live in Europe?

Maybe it is open to the whole world but has to do with if one get an invitation from somebody already having it?
After using Google+ for a while, here's what I have to say about it:


. It has better privacy features than Facebook (1. Google+ always uses a secure https connection without you having to put a check mark in a box. 2. Circles are simple but brilliant in how they allow you to share stuff with relevant groups of people unlike Facebook where everything you post is seen by everyone on your friend list).
. Its user-base seems to be more intelligent than Facebook's (tech geeks love Google+)
. It's even more minimalistic than Facebook


. It lacks the "Groups" feature that Facebook has (hopefully this feature will added eventually)
. Seemingly most Google+ users don't stick around for long (I've visited many profiles where people haven't even made a single post)
. It has some useless features such as "Sparks" which should be scrapped entirely

I think most people sign up to Google+ and leave thinking "Why should I switch to this when I'm already on Facebook which isn't significantly different?" The main people who seem to care about Google+ are geeks.

I'm not sure if it'll ever "take over" Facebook, but this growth chart is unbelievable:


As you can see, there's a huge sign up rate to Google+, but who knows how many of those people who sign up bother sticking around . . .
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