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What's on your "Bucket List"?

Be in a high speed police chase.
Get abducted by extraterrestrials.
Have a near death experience.
Be put on trial for something no one ever heard of before.
Invent something that's useless yet popular.
Be sole owner of a very rare item that no one else wants.
Find a missing person no one was looking for.
Stand on the sidewalk for several hours wearing costume and holding a sign for a business that doesn't exist.
Own the same kind of car I don't know the name of I saw in a movie I can't remember the title of.
Get to the center of a Tootsie Pop without biting it.
Taking your nephew and niece to Disney World or Land is a fantastic idea, and I'm sure it would create wonderful memories. Traveling to New York and Australia also sounds like an amazing adventure. As for Taekwondo, striving to reach a high rank is commendable and shows dedication to personal growth. If you ever need more bucket list ideas or inspiration, you can check out various resources online.
Go on vacation to Sicily for weeks, and scatter my grandmother on Mt. Etna.

(Re)connect with enough friends and co-ordinate things well enough to host a Friendsgiving potluck someday.

Get some more tattoos and piercings, including a cover-up and stretching my earlobes out to 00 gauge.

Voice-train to the point where I can simultaneously pass as femme on a recording and do vocals for a death metal band.

Learn keyboard DAW programming enough to put out some solo emo-folk releases.

Have electrolysis and laser hair removal treatments to the point where all body and face hair follicles except for my armpits and pubes have been eradicated.

Cut off toxic "family" members I'm in contact with unnecessarily for good.

Plant an acorn tree. The area around and under it will be a sacred space to all, and through whatever means any governmental or corporate entity would be forbidden to lay a finger on it for 10,000 years.

Finally have an income stable enough to be set for life in a forever home, nothing too extravagant, as long as there's on-site laundry and a dishwasher.

Attend a "second chance prom"-style event put on by an LGBT+ community org, in a goth dress and with nails done professionally, maybe even meet my sweetheart by then.

Publish an actual grimoire to better organize my thoughts on the occult, sigilcraft, and rituals in.

Adopt a cat, then a second. Would have to be a small and a fat one for comedic contrast.

Write graphic novels with enough discretionary money to have my medium of choice be PrismaColor markers.

Learn to cook things more advanced than a pot of spaghetti.

Throw parties, functions, dinners, for my chosen family year 'round with none of the screaming, drama, egos, and toxicity that characterized such events in my family of origin. There'd be a dedicated sensory room at my place naturally but on the whole it would be a space where people actually want to socialize.

Do shrooms again, ideally when I'm further along on my hormone therapy.

Beat Fallout New Vegas.

This one's less likely, but I want to meet Dolly Parton one day just to give her a hug.

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