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What was the last TV show you watched?


Autocosmic Reality Tester
V.I.P Member
1899 - This is a fascinating show, at least from my vantage point. It offers scant evidence of what is going on. It hints at ships being lost in the Bermuda Triangle, for strange and inexplicable things are on view, but that location is solely by inference. The title refers to the year. The action mostly takes place on a trans Atlantic steamer heading to America, the Kerberos (alternate spelling of the Guardian to the gates to the underworld and responsible for keeping the dead from escaping)

I am half way through the series and am resisting binging it to find out where it is all going. What I find utterly unique about it is that the show is multi-lingual with French, English, German, Portuguese, Chinese and possibly more spoken. This makes subtitles necessary for the majority of viewers.

Lots of atmosphere, and has a large cast with some characters having disturbing flashbacks. Is this the afterlife or something else. There are also seemingly anachronistic images, but are they really ( I swear I saw tv monitors at the end of one episode [in 1899?] ).

I cannot help being drawn to shows like this. The production values are top notch as are the performances. It is currently streaming on Netflix.
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Forest Cat

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Is that about the Westboro bunch?

Yes, the show is from 2007 so it's old, I just haven't seen it before and it happens to be on tv now. Those people are strangely happy while being upset about something. They smile a lot. The whole thing is weird.


Well-Known Member
Yes, the show is from 2007 so it's old, I just haven't seen it before and it happens to be on tv now. Those people are strangely happy while being upset about something. They smile a lot. The whole thing is weird.
Yeah, I always found that creepy about them; the fact they could say such horrible things while still smiling.
I've no idea why, but it just reminds me of that creepy smile that Norman Bates makes in Psycho:


The Hidden One.
V.I.P Member
Cuphead show but I think I am a bit obsessed with it because it seems to be on constant loop.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Andor (star wars series). it´s not groundbreaking, but good, definitely better then The Mandalorian (which was semi-okay) and DEFINITELY better than Boba Fett (which was crap).


Well-Known Member
Wednesday Addams of the Addams Family goes to boarding school and interacts with "normies" (normals)
Dark humour.
Directed by Tim Burton.

The Power of the Ring.
Earlier history of JR Tolkiens story and characters dramatised.

Sherlock Holmes; a recovering addict, and his sponsor, Joan Watson, do what they do best.

The devil himself and the daemon Maze vacay in Los Angeles granting desires and solving crime.
(am loving the characters)


Well-Known Member
Various Christmas episodes of Auntie's Bloomers.
For those who don't know, it's an Outtake show that was produced by the BBC and hosted by Terry Wogan - running for 10 years between 29th December 1991 and 29th December 2001.

Here's two of the episodes (all the swear words have been bleeped by the BBC):

Auntie's New Bloopers #1 (26th December 1994)

Auntie's New Bloopers #2 (1st January 1995)
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Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Siesta Key.

I regret watching it. Every interaction is so awkward and the people are so horribly immature.
Unfortunately, I have had friends that were exactly like these people.

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