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Weighted Blankets cont.


Please Don't Be Mad At Me 02/09/1996
V.I.P Member
Are there different "ways" to use weighted blankets besides just sleeping under them or relaxing in one?

I just want to get the most out of my Gravity Blanket...

I'm under it right now and and and
Oh my gosh
Feels like kitty
Now l see weighted blankets with heat too. Pretty soon they will bake chocolate cookies. l am sure if they can send men to Pluto then we will get cookies from weighted blankets.
This celestial treasure is now parading around on Amazon as a heated weighted blanket as it's description. And probably overstock.com has them. Overstock has everything. EBay of course. l thought Big Lots had them.
When my shoulders are tense (I draw them up when I'm stressed which is always) I lay the blanket around my neck like a towel to gently get them to relax.
I can't sleep with just a sheet. No matter how hot.
(unless I'm watching TV late night. Then I fall over asleep sometimes without knowing it.)

I don't have a weighted blanket because I've never really found how to clean them.
Too big for the washing machine and dry cleaners would be outrageous.
I must have a soft, plush, lightweight blanket at least though in the summer.
If it gets cold enough in the winter of Florida, I have a stuffed plush comforter I get out of it's
storage bag.
It is so soft and heavy. Add the memory foam topper to the mattress and memory foam pillows...
ah, yes. Like sleeping on a big marshmallow.

The big comforter can be spot cleaned and I home dry clean it with Woolite home dry cleaning kit.
If Pluto is on Pluto, I bet chocolate cookies are too.
Don't know about the Plutonian men. :cool:

OMG, I just got one. I thought I was being stupid too. This thread isn't helping :) - seriously, if I am wrong, I am okay with it. It is just something I want to try for myself and see. I bought a 25lb blanket. It was way too expensive. I should have bought a large dog to lay on me instead. I should have bought a bunch of video games. *huge regret*
If you want to pay a visit to an imaginary betta fish created by my therapist, all you need is a weighted blanket and either some pot, incense, or an oil diffuser with Lavender oil. Those thigs are optional but you won't be able to Visit Aloe until you have a weighted blanket around you:

1. Take your W.B. and spread it out so the "soft" side is facing up. Make sure its long ways so it can reach around your body; trust me on this.
2. Grab two long ways corners and droop the blanket over itself, folding the end you're holding backwards; you're trying to make the inside of your W.B. look like an "S".
3. Get any of the three optional items and use them as they are intended to, if you wish. If you dont or don't have them, skip this step.
4. Close your eyes and Sit in front of your blanket. Reach both arms out to grab both ends, and twist them over themselves once. Wrap one end around the right side of you, at the bottom, and bring the other upwards around the other side of you. While you're doing this, imagine a youthful, giggly female voice, and give it the body of a lightly-dark blue betta fish, tickling you gently with her tail fin while she's wrapped around you. You can imagine she's talking to you, making you feel safe and warm and happier, realizing how stressed out or panicky or anxious you are, and reassuring you. She might offer to let you take a nap with her around you, or maybe she just wants to use her scales to help you relax. Keep in mind that you're using the blanket wrap to amplify the effect of Aloe being as long as you are tall. Basically if Aloe was supposed to be a friendly snake (which in fact was the original idea with her but seemed too threatening) but she became a betta fish instead, this is what that is for.

You don't have to stick with her default personality of a therapeautic calmness in nature, you can give her the mind of playfulness, maybe she likes to drift you around the ocean, just whatever, as long as you remember she's a Therapy Fish.

There ye go mates

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