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Warhammer 40k


The abyss of my mind.
I have noticed lots of UK users and such, and that got me wondering how many of you are following Game Overview - Warhammer 40,000 - Eternal Crusade since games workshop is UK based and they are the IP behind the game. I really like the warhammer and 40k universe's and am eagerly awaiting this games release next year, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE, LETS BURN THIS GALAXY!" Okay so maybe I am just quoting myself there, but I like playing chaos in the games, this game is looking very similar to the space marine multiplayer experience in a good way and in even more depth, and will have orks and eldars, with the goal of adding all of the factions at some point.
I am looking forward to it, but haven't really been following the details. I played Warhammer Online for a bit, and if that was anything to go by and considering the improvements the time lapse will have given us, the game should be a lot of fun if you know enough people to start a clan, otherwise I'll be sticking to single player RPGs :p
I'll stick to 40k on tabletop, hah.

That said, I've enjoyed most Warhammer 40k games (Space Marine, the Dawn of War series). I'm just not a fan of MMO type games in general, so I think I'll pass this one. I will say however, that I'll check it out, even if it's through reviews, yet I'm sceptical if an MMO can emulate the epicness of war in the 41st millenium. Just because you have thousands of players at the same time, doesn't make it "organized"
If you're talking Orks... never, hah.

But I would say that the Astartes are pretty organized with their companies and chapters. Point is; when you're talking MMO's, you might end up with a giant group of different chapters because people like colorscheme X better, as opposed to actual coherent groups that have had extensive training as a team.
Well if we face facts, at least 7 out of 10 players are going to play space marines, so they will hardly need to be organized to be a pain in our backsides as chaos/green tide/eldar players, and later as they add tau and necrons and possibly guardsmen and sisters of battle and dark eldar to the mix it will only lessen our numbers while barely affecting the marine fan boys population. Xenos will need some organization to stomp the marines, marines will just zerg everything and hopefully the tyranids will zerg them right back (interesting side note the term zerg refers to zerglings from starcraft, which was a direct and insulting ripoff of 40k to begin with!)
Well, considering half of the 40k armies around are Power armor based anyway... it's not that weird to expect an influx of marine players.

I would just wish that it would be far more balanced across factions than the tabletop is. Otherwise it's not that odd to see everyone playing the same faction and spamming the same skills.

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