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Unusual Experiences


V.I.P Member
So thought I'd ask what unusual experience you've had that's unlikely anyone else has had?

I'll start: got bitten by a penguin.

In the olden days when i was a child, we had an open coal fire.

One xmas I sat in front of it opening my presents.

I got a pair or gloves.

Accidentally kept the wrapping paper and threw the gloves on the fire.

A bit older

Standing in a field - got charged by an elephant.

Stood my ground. Scary.
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So thought I'd ask what unusual experience you've had that's unlikely anyone else has had?

I'll start: got bitten by a penguin.

I spent 4 months living in a converted packing crate in the caldera of a (nearly) live volcano.

I spent 3 winters living in a tent in remote northern Canada,
l am very impressed by a penguin bite. l love penguins. The fathers keep the eggs warm. Lived on the Navajo reservation for a year plus. Lived in Finnland for a year. Parasailed of the coast of Maui, Hawaii. Windsurfed once off of Hilo, Hawaii off of a black sand beach that is no longer there. Surfed on a Styrofoam surf board off of Kahala, Hawaii shoreline. Walked pretty close to volcanic flows spilling on the roadway in Hilo, Hawaii. It was extremely hot. We offered liquor to the Pele female spirit there. Sadly, l need to do something to top my list:(
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Just remembered

An ostrich did a mating dance for me.

.Thankful for a fence that day.

Although I have met unfenced ostriches in Africa before.

Fortunately they were not in the mood.
I had a 12 hour weekend duty at the radar site. Was a little peeved my relief was 1 hour late until they explained it was daylight savings time shift. Thought... just my luck. Several months later and having totally forgotten about it I was again pulling weekend duty and got relieved 1 hour early.
I broke my leg while I had a cast on it. The doctor said it was set well by the cast, so I got two wear it a couple of extra months.
I'm at a convention, right. Hotel in Iowa. Walking down the hall, towards some room that had who knows what in it. Various people streaming by on both sides. Get to a certain point, alot of people standing around, and a voice.

Turns out, it's a talking animatronic donkey head on a table, commenting on various people in costume walking by (it's operator surely somewhere nearby). I snuck by carefully without getting said attention focused on me.

No, I dont know why it was there. And I doubt I ever will.

Things only got weirder from there as time went on. I could do PAGES of this stuff.
I was hopping rocks in a river near my home. In august the water becomes quite low. It was my aspiration as a child to hop only on rocks in the river from one town to the next. When I crossed under a train bridge jumping from rock to rock it had become quite shallow. Noticed that I could see right to the bottom of the river, where there were shards of pottery and china and glass in tiny pieces no larger than the size of a pebble.

Stood there for a time, staring into the clear water, with the sparkling pieces of china and glass, wondering how they came to be there in that heavily wooded area. Then I noticed something incongruous sticking out of the gravelly river bottom. It looked like something made of long uniform pieces of wood in a radial pattern. I jumped in, shoes and all, and began to dig with my hands in the river. I pulled out a partially broken wagon wheel with rusty metal stuck to the outside.

And that was the puzzle, why was there a broken wagon wheel there in that place? I looked around me, and the longer I looked the more I realized that there were remnants of an old wagon track. I knew there was an old stone marker with a north/south direction engraved there. The trees on both sides of the river were younger, at this place with very low banks. The loyalists has crossed with their wagons at this very spot and someone had broken a wheel in the river and lost household goods. I imagined a woman in a bonnet, as they drove the horses across the river and broke their wheel, after such a long, hard journey.
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So thought I'd ask what unusual experience you've had that's unlikely anyone else has had?

I'll start: got bitten by a penguin.

True story. When picking up my son from school one day, while walking from the parking lot to the door, a praying mantis landed on my shoulder. When I went in, the conversation went like this:
"What is that on your shoulder?"
"ARRRGH! I'm a pirate and that's me parrot."
"AYYYE, it's a very religious parrot."

Some people say I have a sort of twisted sense of humor.
was genuinely interested in the well being of one of my therapists and on greeting for appointment asked,
"How have you been since last week?"

doh! :)
So thought I'd ask what unusual experience you've had that's unlikely anyone else has had?

I'll start: got bitten by a penguin.

Its a frightening memory ,every year seagulls nest on the chimneys and my mams boyfriend knows all the locals where he lives in south shields ,a customer told him Olive, who was going passed was attacked by a seagull and its feet and ? got caught in her hair ,she was frantic I think dont have a high hair do(hair style).
Wow, as a former scuba diver I am very impressed by this experience. I did see one diving off Honolulu. It was on the news that night as one had never been seen there before. They are so beautiful.

Yeah they're gorgeous, I spent a couple of weeks helping a friend radio tracking them for her phd...:laughing: By 'helping' I mean splashing around failing to swim fast enough to keep up with the whale sharks, or get out of their way on that one occasion (A marine biologist I ain't)

The perpetrator:
In other weird wildlife experiences, I've had my drink stolen by an orangutan, my laptop destroyed by a kaka (parrot), my sleeping bag invaded by a scorpion, and my calf invaded by a botfly (<- the single most horrifying experience of my life).

This may be seen as evidence for how awesome being an ecologist is, or a warning for how awful being an ecologist is.
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I keep wondering did I see two wild mice mating or fighting ,they were tumbling ,I was peeping out of the back window I looked on the step beside the bush two mice tumbling ,memories like that aren't very good now ,so it feels like imagination , but I have barely any imagination .

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