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Today is the 15th anniversary of 9/11, lest we forget!

Mr Allen

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member

Does anyone remember what they were doing on that eventful day in September 2001? I think it was a Friday, so I would probably have been at work.

On the Karaoke site I use I recorded a version of "Where were you (When the World stopped turning)" by Alan Jackson last November, seems fitting for today.
I'd come home from school with my brother and sisters and sat down, expecting to watch my usual set of after-school kids programs and this was all over the news instead.
I'd never heard of terrorism until that point (or if I had, I clearly didn't pay much interest), but in any case it confused and frightened me as to what was going on as suddenly the world felt like a much more dangerous place.

May the victims continue to rest in peace. :cry:
I was trying to sleep. My mom woke me up urgently, which I wasn't too happy about since it's not like I live in NY to be able to help out.
i still remember that day. i saw the news, the world trade center in flames.

but, i had school that day, and didn't dwell on it. didn't learn the whole story until much later.
I was 3 years old. I can vaguely remember watching the second tower being hit on a TV monitor in my fathers office and being frightened by what I saw. My father comforted me. I can vaguely remember that day, but at age 3 I didn't have a grasp of the true gravity of that particular day.

Even to this day 911 has always haunted me, I think growing up in the aftermath of that day it is something that shaped my generation and it's something that will continue to shape my generation for many years to come.
Being in the UK which is 5 hours ahead of new york time, it all happened mid-afternoon - so I was at school - Actually, I'd only just started high school on the thursday of the previous week. It was my 4th day there! I seem to remember everyone being sent home from school an hour early and not being told why but just liking the fact that we'd been sent home.

So me and my brother walked home with the intention of playing Twisted Metal 2 on the playstation - we started playing and played for about 10 minutes and then the phone started ringing and my dad answered it and then said "can you pause the game and put the news on?". So we paused the game and changed the channel, to see images of the towers burning and this repeating clip of a plane crashing into the south tower - on an eerily fuzzy screen, because the playstation used to interfere with the picture while it was switched on. saw the towers collapse live.

At school the next day everyone was talking about how they are all going to die so there isn't much point in learning. It really did feel like, "what's the point in anything anymore?" for a while.

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