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Swimming with the Betas


Curiosity's Cat
V.I.P Member
Yesterday morning I had a most unusual dream.

I'm posting this under special interests, because my dream life is of a special interest to me.
I like trying to figure out the psychological symbolism. And some of them are like going through a maze.
I dream in vivid color, lucid much of the time and they seem so real it is like the flip side of my waking life.

In this particular dream I as walking in a grassy meadow when I saw a white and black butterfly on a small flower next to the ground.
I touched it and suddenly the whole scene changed.
It turned into a desert of white sand surrounded by rock cliffs and a few scraggy rocks in the sand.
This sand held a basin of clear water within the cliffs around it. Very sunny, yet it didn't feel hot.
The water was about knee deep as I walked through it barefoot.

I noticed the water was alive with small fish.
As I looked closer, it was Betas of all colors and sizes. Young babies to full grown.
I reached into the water and touched one. It changed colors when it was touched.
Others did the same when I touched them. Pink, green, blue, purple, red, multi-colors. Very beautiful.

I wanted to swim with them. But the water wasn't really deep enough to swim in, so I just laid down in it with the Betas swimming all around me.
This went on for what seemed to be hours. I was thinking about the sun, the desert and how this couldn't really be in real life.
It was a wonderful experience and when I woke up, I thought of Aloe! @UberScout 's Beta.
I was being calmed and enjoying these wonderful fish all around me.
Swimming with the Betas.

Is this deciphering and enjoying enhanced dreams a special interest to others here?
I find it fascinating and sorry not everyone has more vivid than life dreams in color.
Any ideas of what my dream could have meant to my mind?
Or stories to share of your own dreamscapes?
Thank you for sharing this and describing your dream so beautifully. I admit I often find listening to people’s descriptions of their dreams very frustrating because it is quite impossible to figure out what the heck they are talking about due to the intensely bizarre nature of dreams.

You do it, beautifully, though and it was a pleasure to read.

I used to dream nightly and I loved it and I felt like I got to live many lifetimes every single night. They were not lucid, but they were vivid and memorable and pleasant for the most part. Sadly I think I destroyed a lot of that with drugs and as I went further down the path of addiction, my dreams disappeared and now I am left with simple insomnia.

I’ve read that after sustained sobriety, though, dreams can return and that is one of my goals of sobriety. To live another life in my dreams every night.
It was a wonderful experience and when I woke up, I thought of Aloe! @UberScout 's Beta.
I was being calmed and enjoying these wonderful fish all around me.
Swimming with the Betas.
Aloe is very brave and very strong and precious. I find her calming as well.

My general interpretation of your dream sees you serenely passing through a dynamic and changeable world, sometimes unexpectedly. Although things seem pretty and alluring, they may not be perfect, and yet you found quite the perfect spot in the shallow waters among the betas.
Is this deciphering and enjoying enhanced dreams a special interest to others here?
I find it fascinating and sorry not everyone has more vivid than life dreams in color.
Any ideas of what my dream could have meant to my mind?
Or stories to share of your own dreamscapes?
@SusanLR, what a beautiful dream.

I do not try to remember my dreams anymore, although some linger anyway. I'm not sure what you mean by an enhanced dream, though, and doesn't everyone dream in color? If they don't dream in color, then what do they dream in?

This is probably going to reveal something deeply psychological about me that even I'm not aware of, but so be it. Here are the remaining fragments of last night's dream. It is part of a recurring dream cycle:

My husband and I are looking at the real estate ads in a newspaper. It was a real newspaper, too, the kind they used to make with super-sized dimensions and printed on rag paper. Little bits of blue thread were mashed into the paper, like you used to see--but this was irrelevant to the dream. The paper was bright, yet the dim objects silhouetted beyond its borders suggested we were viewing it in a darkened room under a bright light. He said something about an ad ("Oh, there's one," with a $1,555,000 price tag in thick bold print--I mean, let's be real, here!) and, as I looked at it, immediately the ad expanded and opened up unto a new scene.

Now I was viewing a cliff face from above, with the sea far below. At the top of the cliff, past the thick forest, there was a rise upon which sat a great and ghastly over-sized mansion. It sprawled to the east and the west, having a central building in a neo-classical style and the extensive wings being slightly less fancy but more like a gaudy office building. The whole thing glowed white in the sun, with little black windows throughout. Around the building sat the grounds, the green grass trimmed evenly, the topiary and privacy hedges of the estate perfect yet sterile, washed out under the brightness of the noonday, equatorial sun. Four horsemen in some sort of classic British-looking blue uniforms turned canter pirouettes to the left like spinning tops--except, they were out of proportion to the building and the grounds, enormously large and spinning above and at the compass corners of the building until by my looking at them they shrank down to normal size and were hidden again by the garden labyrinth-like hedges.

I glanced down below me. Below is the cliff face, a ragged face of horizontally layered rock not well-weathered or smoothed but fresh and sharp like layers upon layers of shale. Mostly blue-grey, there were layers of browns and spots of rusts as well. At the base of the cliff, the ocean water was amazingly clear. It attracted my eye because the cliff itself was in shadow from the great dense forest above and the noonday sun splashed off the water in an eye-captivating reflection of oranges and yellows. When my eyes adjusted, I could see that a light tan algae covered the solid but sloping bottom and the stray boulders that had tumbled in were wrapped in it, too. (I have no idea how boulders of that type could be there--they were rounded and different from the piercing shale above.) All the while, the waves of the great ocean steadily roll in from the north, gently lapping against the cliff with an unusual calm. The clear blue water extends as far as the eye can see. Some wisps of cloud hang along the horizon but overhead it is a cerulean blue.

I am shapeless, substanceless, but know I am mobile should I want to change my view all I have to do is think it and I will move where I want or the view will change. To my left is the outlet of a freshwater stream, and beyond that gap, the cliff face continues. The gap is wide enough to comfortably hold a great number of people on the beach--I know because I've been here before--but today the sand is wind-blown and smoothed, sparkling slightly under the intense sun. I know that if I change my view just a little, just ten, fifteen feet, I could see up the canyon. I know it is a lovely canyon, very picturesque, very full of jungle and the dense green canopy and exotic bird calls -- but the last time I was here bad things happened there. The last time I was here, there was a tsunami or some kind of great storm that hit the island. It took many lives and left evidence of its passing high up in the trees. I am safe, but I am wary. Even though today everything is blue and calm, I wake up.

I should add, I lived for a while atop a shale cliff overlooking a lake the size of an ocean. I never saw our cliff but spent years as a youth scrambling up other shale cliffsides and watching the water spouts twisting off-shore yet never coming up on the land. Sometimes the ocean I dream of is terrifying but I am never scared of it.
I'm never quite sure what to say about my own dreams. They're usually a bunch of strange, warped nonsense. Even when they take place in "realistic" locations, those locations are always twisted and warped. Like, we cant just be in a normal mall, right, we have to be in the Backrooms version of the mall. Or the "infinite library" concept that shows up every now and then (and typically devolves into nonsense).

Often though my dreams are just... strange.

I did a post about one once, a big description of a big dream I had: A dream story

There's others too. Here's a shorter one, which makes even less sense than that one:

So, I'm in a void, right. Off to a great start, yeah? But the void is pink. Pink and peach colored zig-zags going in all sorts of directions.

In the distance, a structure. There is no gravity here, so, just gotta sorta... float at it.

Get up to it, it's like a... cabin? But it's really long and a wooden "path" sorta surrounds it, with these big wooden posts sticking up along the sides of the path. Did I mention this is floating in a nonsense void?

So, get up to it, and since there's no gravity, I just use the posts to pull myself along the length of the building. It's longer than it looks, it shouldnt be that long.

I get to the door. Oh boy, what's inside?

Nonsense. That's what's inside. Euclidean space doesnt like me very much, so we've got a non-Euclidean zone in there (this is a strong recurring theme in dreams for me). There's no end that I can see to the space in there. It opens into another sort of void, this one is blue & black. But this one is full of STUFF. There are red spheres, and silver spheres. Each about as big as I am. There are many of them. They just float there.

I start to float in to go check out the spheres, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.....

yep, time to use the bathroom, haha. So that's where that ended.

There's other dreams too that are *really* weird, like that one with the fishtank... that one gives me a headache just thinking about it.

The thing that bugs me though isnt the dreams themselves, it's the intensity.

Both the intensity and the frequency has increased over time. As a kid, I rarely dreamed, and they werent very vibrant. Now, it's literally every single time I'm asleep, without exception, and they're very vibrant. Some other aspects have also altered. Previously, I would never have anyone that talked or anything in the dreams. Now though, more and more often, there's talking. It never makes any real sense, but still, there's at least a bit of it every so often.

I have trouble holding onto the memories upon waking though. Usually when waking, I can remember the dream for about 5 minutes, and I can "feel" the memory disintegrate as I'm trying to ponder it, which doesnt make a whole lot of sense and mostly just irritates me. It's not very often that I can actually keep a memory of a specific dream completely.

So yeah, that's my general weirdness.
So the most vivid dream l had maybe about a month ago was a visit from a very clean spirit. Not sure if it was my daughter or what. Everything was shiny, white and radiant. The energy emitting from the person was very healing. I remember being in awe of the clean pure glowing rays coming from them. Never had this type of dream before.

Sometimes my dreams seem invasive. When other people visit me in my dreams trying to tell me things. At other times, my dream is like reading a book, and l am completely submerged in the storyline, and l am quite upset when l wake up. So perhaps they function currently as an escape valve.
Aloe's been visiting others here?! I had no idea!! Oh my gosh i'm so overjoyed! I didn't even realize Aloe's influence was going to other people!

Welcome to the Oasis! Trust me, there is much more to it than what you saw :)
Any ideas of what my dream could have meant to my mind?
Or stories to share of your own dreamscapes?
Aloe came to make sure you're okay. She knows you need her. But she always has time for everybody :)
I found this amusing and interesting article on Do You Dream in Color.
It contains ideas as to why some do and yet most don't.
Do You Dream In Color?

@UberScout I've always felt Aloe has a connection to those who are open to her.
Who knows what constructs our mental energies are capable of creating and how they may interact with others. :)

From what I pick up on the replies there seems to be a common thread, no matter how far out the dreams are.
Floating. Voids. Orbs.

If you can imagine just your conscious or subconscious mind experiencing and seeing what is in the dream, you will find no physical body is needed.
And @Misery , the orbs are a pure conscious energy form.
It's the form your energy would be if you could see it. Floating, able to turn, and
go from one spot to another by thought.
There are many studies on that.

@GypsyMoth and @Aspychata think of what your dreams were like. Floating, ethereal and mental.
The clarity and colors of my dreams are what I mean by enhanced. They are more like light in the brightness of the color. Clearer than through physical eyes.

I do hope @Rodafina someday you regain the ability to live twice at once via the dreamscape world.
I found this amusing and interesting article on Do You Dream in Color.
It contains ideas as to why some do and yet most don't.
Do You Dream In Color?

Wait, what? People have black & white dreams?

I dont even know what to say about that. Never experienced that one. Huh. Ya learn something new every day, I guess...

And @Misery , the orbs are a pure conscious energy form.
It's the form your energy would be if you could see it. Floating, able to turn, and
go from one spot to another by thought.
There are many studies on that.

Ah? What are they called? Is there somewhere to read about them?

Ah? What are they called? Is there somewhere to read about them?
There are a few common names: PSI balls are most commonly how they're referred to, but sometimes PK balls is closer because people like me who have gotten really good at it can eventually make them do stuff like knock lightweight objects off some sort of surface, i've done it a few times the past couple days or so! Paper plates, plastic cups, i had a mechanical pencil spin a little bit 32 degrees or so toward me (the eraser pointing at me for some reason) and i even managed to make the handle from a torn preroll tumble toward my desk fan, while it was pointed at it, mind you :) ! I've been practicing a lot and used crystals gems and a few boosters with binaural/isochronic beats so of course i'm getting better LOL :p but yeah:

PSI ball
PK ball
Energy ball
PK sphere

Honestly however you need to think it should be described, whatever feels right. There's no right or wrong answer.
Wait, what? People have black & white dreams?

I dont even know what to say about that. Never experienced that one. Huh. Ya learn something new every day, I guess...
I wouldn't wish for you to. I've experienced a couple of 'grey' or muted dreams. They are rare, and they are not welcome, and I think I have only had them when I've been ill. They are on par, for me, of having the experience of walking around in the real world without my body. In these, the very, very few times I have had them, I have no ability to influence my environment or the dream outcome, I am not seen by dream people, have no way to interact with them, and they usually foreshadow something bad that wants to happen (but doesn't)--and I have no way to warn anyone.
@GypsyMoth and @Aspychata think of what your dreams were like. Floating, ethereal and mental.
The clarity and colors of my dreams are what I mean by enhanced. They are more like light in the brightness of the color. Clearer than through physical eyes.
It's like seeing everything on hi-def: the radiant colors, the intensity of the light, the profound level of detail, the sensation of light and wind.

Every sensation except, rarely, smell and taste. (If I'm eating in a dream, it's because I'm literally famished IRL.)

I'm not sure about the mental part. Maybe I'm misunderstanding but my dreams don't feel like a mental construct but a place that I go to. Mental constructs take time, energy, and focus, and are hard to hold onto for any length of time. This particular dream setting I've shared, I've had a number of recurring dreams there or nearby (it's a large island) having complete and detailed storylines and casts of characters and (somewhat recurring) events and my experience is more real there (I feel more alive) when I'm there than real life. Mental constructs, like taking the time to type this out, are slow and belabored, and are things from which I am easily distracted. But dreams, on the other hand, are just like living in an alternate reality.
I found this amusing and interesting article on Do You Dream in Color.
It contains ideas as to why some do and yet most don't.
Do You Dream In Color?
Interesting, but I disagree with his conclusion that we are not the most reliable witnesses. (What? Can a third-hand account report on what I see? Can he tell me what I see?! I don't think so!) I know what I see when I sleep, because I experience it. I even have a heightened awareness of the passing of time. Unlike his conclusion, my experience in dreaming is much more intense than my experience in being awake. I know I am a reliable witness to my own experiences because I was there.
@GypsyMoth I disagree also that someone else can tell you what you experienced and know. Unfortunately, there are many people who will find some way to debunk many things. Their reasons given, doesn't even make sense many times.
I know how my own dreams are and your experience of seeing a place at different times and the intensity of it being more intense than being awake is very real.
There are the experiences of Astral projection where the conscious energy is there seeing reality and can be proved when you can give details that are real that you
do not know about.
Alas, again, there will be many who will come up with some more realistic reason due to their own beliefs.
Only the person experiencing the experience can know for certain.

OH, and by the way, I grew up not knowing that people have black and white dreams. I'd never experienced anything but color.
The topic was brought up in high school and I found it shocking.
My Mom never knew anything but dreams in color either.
My Dad admitted his dreams were in black and white.
Hey, @UberScout , the orbs you are describing are created by your own energy.
I've played the same thing with others interested in energy orb creation.
Via the computer, several of us would get together and create in our minds what we
wanted the orb to look like then send it to the other person over the net.
Me and two friends practiced this to a very good perfection.
We didn't say what the orb was to look like or the colors.
The other person gave back an answer as to what it looked like and most of the time it was correct. This could be a type of telepathy experiment.

Making objects move can be done.
We all have energy that extends beyond the body and you can learn how to manipulate it.
Science is asking and proving consciousness goes beyond the physical body.
Kirlian photography will also show it. Good work!
There are videos of false orbs made of dust, rain, snow, bugs, and camera backspatter
on YouTube.
Amazon has several books on the spiritual type and why they show in photos, but not seen with the naked eye.

It is controversial as to what the ones that can't be explained as listed above really are. Some think they are spirits. Some think they are a life form of their own made of material that vibrates faster than the eye can catch.
Our eyes can only see a portion of the complete light spectrum.
Certain cameras, such as infrared and heat sensing, can see what we can't.

I have seen a few orbs with my own eyes though. Just as some people can
see auras, some can't.
Here are a few photos showing false, unexplainable, and infrared photography.
bugs and moisture drops.

infrared heat camera. Seen with eyes as moving. Seen as yellow in color with camera. Multi color is white wall behind it.

This is why I posted this under special interests. Dreams and the Fringe sciences
as it's called. Time will bring more answers as there is interest in investigating.

I want to tell of one more recent dream that I had while sleeping in the afternoon.
Tonight...it's 4:30 am. Got to go to bed. Yeah, and have some dreams.:relieved:
I have a Vivid dreams that I can't stop thinking about every, yep every night. Sometimes I wake up and have this feeling like I'm still "there" for hours. Below is one of the dreams that I have repeatedly for years, I sent it to my therapist....

Last night I was waking up often, I didn't check what time it was but I woke up around 6 times.
Below is what I was dreaming about:

I was walking along the street I used to live on before I became homeless.Typical street in Polish town centre, old buildings that remembered the second world war. On one of the buildings, underneath the falling off grout, you could still see very old German writing, painted on above the window "Grocery store".
It was empty, no signs of life. I was enjoying nice weather and carrying on looking up as the sky had a nice, perfectly blue, turquoise colour with one cloud in eclipsed like shape. The street is 500m long but it felt like I'm walking for hours in bliss, feeling only a gentle summer breeze which was warm but still was cooling you down from the scorching sun.
Looking up and watching the cloud which changed its shape into a perfect circle, I heard someone behind me saying "Hi mate". I turned around but nobody was there. When I turned my head back in the direction I was walking, my friend who passed away stood right in front of me.He seemed to be very excited and was pointing at the skies. There were two clouds now. The one I saw before, which was in the shape of a perfect circle and pure white and the other one a bit bigger, greyish and had irregular shape like just a normal cloud.
My friend, as he was pointing at the clouds said " Look at your ****ing cloud, it looks like a ****ing candy floss. Mine is much "badder" than yours" He laughed and looked in the direction I came from and said "Look who's coming" I turned around but nobody was there.When I turned back, he wasn't there anymore. I didn't feel surprised or even wondered where he'd gone. I just felt like he will be back again soon. I looked at the skies and noticed that clouds were still there which makes me feel even more assured that he will be back soon, wherever he's gone.
The clouds looked the same, but "his" cloud turned black now and was circling around my cloud. I was watching it like I would watch some TV show and laughed to myself as it looked like the black cloud was teasing white one and running circles around it. I thought :
" What a coincidence, He was a better runner than me and used to tease me and poke me and run around me just to show how quick he is etc. He would do that when We were well fed and I always was saying let's have a nap and rest but he wanted to use the calories to keep in good form and not get fat and lazy. " What an Idiot I thought, I hated when he was poking me though and he would not stop until I started to try to chase him. It was in the middle of a busy town, where people were going shopping, tourists were taking photos etc." I laughed as I reminded myself of those upset faces of people taking family photos and two idiots ruined the shot by running in front of the camera...
The sun was about to set and it looked like I had an hour of sunlight left. The walkway turned into sand and I could see the end of the street.I could see the sea which was blending with the skies and you could not see the horizon as they both were of light blue colour . Clouds would disappear completely. I end up on the sandy beach. I turned around to look if my friend was somewhere behind me but this street wasn't there anymore. I could only see a dessert. Sand everywhere but not like a natural dessert. It was flat, perfectly flat.It makes me feel worried suddenly. I heard the voice of my friend somewhere but couldn't understand what he was saying. It was coming from all the directions. I thought I was tired and my mind was playing tricks on me, iut must be wind making some noise. I also spotted some bird flying nearby which landed on the sand. I convinced myself that it was the sound of the bird not the voice.
I was worried as there was no sign of my friend but was thinking that he probably found some place to sleep and couldn't find me so probably we will see each other the next day as we used to do.
It was very hot and the sun, instead of disappearing below the horizon, rose up like it's noon again. I didn't seem to feel like it's something unusual. I felt lucky as the nights could get very cold. The bird flew next to me and I could see it was a crow. Old, very old, massive crow without one eye. He was ugly and kind of scary but I didn't want to scare him off as I felt like he needed company. I asked him if he saw my friend. He flew away high in the sky first and then started to fall. First it looked like he didn't have control of the free fall but then pointed his head down and started to gain speed and eventually dive into the water. I waited like half an hour but the bird never came back to the surface again.
It was very hot. I felt like the sun was right above me but I couldn't see it. There were no clouds, no sun, no signs of life around. Sea wasn't moving at all, there was no wind or a single wave. I took my clothes off and went for a swim. I could hear my friend again but couldn't figure out what he was saying. It was like hundreds of the same voices talking at the same time, like everything he said to me I could hear at the same time. I couldn't stand it. I took a deep breath and dived. It was only a few meters deep and I could see red coral growing on the rocks underneath the water. I decided to swim closer to it. Suddenly red coral turned into liquid like blood and rocks started to change shapes. It was fascinating and I wasn't scared at all. I felt like I could start breathing under the water so I decided to watch it. Rocks turned into human shape. It started to swim towards me and I could no longer breathe but felt like I'm about to drown. I could recognise the human shape now. It was my friend. He was dead and his face was smashed and rotting. I was trying to emerge and he was right next to my face. He wasn't moving, just was right next to me. His face was nearly touching mine. When I emerged above the surface, I suddenly found myself buried in the sand up to my nostrils. I had to breathe slowly as if I tried to take a deeper breath, I felt pain in my chest as the pressure of the sand didn't allow it to expand and let the air in. I could feel grains of sand coming into my nostrils, making breathing even more difficult. My nose was itching and sweat was dripping into my eyes. The beach was full of people now and I was facing the desert. There were people running around me. Kids, adults,elderly. I could not see them properly as sweat was dripping into my eyes and I could only open them for a second or two. I could only see people up to the horizon, umbrellas and towels, just a casual day on the beach.
At some point I heard a voice saying "Make the most of it" then there were hundreds of voices and I couldn't stand it. People running around me would kick the sand on me so I tried to breath out in short bursts but couldn't get enough oxygen back into my lungs. I tried to breathe as quickly as I could and those voices wouldn't go away. I was screaming in my head " Stop"

Then I woke up.
Another one here:
I had another nightmare tonight. I forgot to add that I'm waking up sweaty after these dreams.

It all started like in my previous deam. The same street, weather and skies. The same cloud I used to watch, the same place where old writing in German was on the old bit of the wall.
Walking along the street and watching the cloud, I enjoyed the same warm breeze.
It didn't take long when I heard a voice behind me: " Hey! " I turned but nobody was there.When I turned my head, the whole scenery changed!
I was no longer walking on the street. I was in the living room. I recognised the place. It was in the flat above the cinema I used to live in when I was 10 years old. I'm an adult now though, and sitting on the old fashioned "click-clack" sofa bed, covered with a blanket with a Scottish pattern on it. This is exactly how my parents' living room looks these days. Big living room with entrance through a small corridor, where on the right hand side, just before the entrance on the wall, there was an arch made where my father placed a huge aquarium that could be seen from both sides. At the end of the corridor was a built-in wardrobe, just after the entrance to the room.
The floor was covered with an old style Pakistani look alike carpet. On the left hand side was the sofa, at the back end, two white wooden victorian style windows with a gap between them, where tv was placed.On the right hand side, there were two armchairs with a dining table in between.
Left hand side armchair was occupied by my father and the right hand side by my older brother.I decided to lay down as I felt pain in my right leg. It felt like I had a muscle cramp so I stretched it and started to massage it. Suddenly my father would shout at me : " Get a ****ing job and start paying rent! " I replied that I can't walk because my leg hurts and to stop talking like that to me as it's disrespectful. He said it's his house and to shut up. I was very angry, to the point that I forced myself to stand up to show him I'm not joking and he is pushing the boundaries. He would start swearing at me, something I couldn't understand. As soon as I stood up, I felt pain in my leg and I fell back on the sofa. I was carrying on getting up and falling back on the sofa. I tried to approach him and fight him. He was laughing seeing me struggle and seemed very confident as he felt he had an advantage. Finally I managed to stay on my feet and walked a few steps towards him. I was limping and the pain spread to my hands now. I felt like I'm unable to raise them. I felt very weak in front of him. He stood up and pushed me back on the sofa, swearing and telling me to go out. I told him if he won't move out straight away, I will call my friends and they will squash him in their hands to the size of a cigarette box. I imagined that happening, and saw him in my mind squashed inside the packet of Marlboro cigarettes. He would still shout and swear but had a very thin voice.
I managed to stand up from the sofa again. I didn't feel any pain now but was unable to move my hands and legs. He raised his hands and said he is not afraid of me and to get the **** out.
I was trying hard to move my hands and legs but it was a struggle and every attempt failed, making me feel hopeless. It felt like hours of standing in front of each other when I saw his hand thrown right at me. I suddenly paired it and hit him a few times in the corpus. I would floor him and drag him on the floor to the doors. I wanted to throw him out of the house. Just before I managed to touch the handle to open the doors, someone opened them from outside. They stopped on my fathers head. I could hear my Mum saying " What on earth?" She would try to open them, banging my fathers head a few times.
I wasn't an adult anymore, I was 10 years old or something around this age and felt like now I will get in proper trouble. I threw my father next to the wall, allowing my Mum to enter the house. She walked in not noticing him laying down on the floor. I closed the doors and turned around. My father was standing up now, ready to fight. I was about to punch him when I suddenly was surrounded by some weird looking guys. They were standing all around me with their chests touching me. They were staring at me and blocking me from moving.
I'm not in my parents' flat anymore. I realise that something weird is happening and I'm travelling or teleporting from place to place. I don't know where I am exactly now but the place feels familiar. I'm running up and down the staircase in the block of flats. I can't feel any effort even though I'm running eleven floors up and down. Suddenly I'm in front of the building I was just now in. I'm with a group of people. Mixed genders and ages. No idea who it is. We can hear a siren going on and I feel like I know what to do. We need to quickly run inside any building and hide inside. It gets dark quickly. The wind is starting to pick up and it is getting cold. Weird voices are mixed with wind whistling which sounds like a distant laugh. We don't have much time and most of the people entering the closest buildings are struggling and pushing each other in panic as their life depends on it. The group split into a few smaller ones and everyone is in except me and a little girl who was pushed by someone bigger than her. I helped her in and made sure nobody stayed outside. I felt relieved and started to cheer like we are now safe. I saw everyone up the staircase and shouting " Quick, find something!!" The other people who found some hiding places were shouting " Be quiet!" They all took spots to hide,under the beds, some were hidden behind the curtains, the other ones in the wardrobes.
Everyone seemed angry and worried that I would spoil their cover and we would all die. THere was a man hiding in the wardrobe whispering " I wish you weren't here, go away". Woman who hid under the bed said quietly "Go away, Leave". I walked through a corridor full of closed doors with tickets hanging on the handles, like the ones in the hotel rooms, saying "Go away! Sorry, not sorry!" I carried on walking as quietly as I could. I heard the front doors opening and felt the presence of something entering the building. I didn't look back, I felt calm and was making my way through to the doors that were opened. It was just a bit opened and it had the same hanging ticket with the same message as on the other ones. I was walking to the doors but the distance between the doors and me didn't change at all. It felt like I'm walking for days. My clothes became dirty and my shoes had holes. I could feel my feets were wet as there was paddles of water on the floor and water was going through the shoes. I felt like the presence of something dangerous was sneaking up behind me and it's getting closer. I finally approach the doors. They would open now itself and I could see the girl I would help to get in earlier on. She was sitting on the bed with her legs not touching the floor as she was so small. She had black glossy shoes, white tights, black skirt up to her knees and black cardigan with a pure white shirt underneath.She was covering her face with her hands. I was standing just before the door stop and looked at her for a while.She spotted me and I can see her face now. Her face was covered in tears but when she looked at me, she suddenly smiled and raised her hands like she wanted a hug. I said "hide under the bed" At this moment, the doors slammed right on front of my face.

I woke up at this point.

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