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Should I get this tabletop game I'm interested in?

Ya Boi

Active Member
There's this tabletop game I've been interested in for years and I recently found a really good deal on. The game is hard to find and can go up to $400, and I have the chance to buy it for half the price. While time isn't of the essence, I am worried someone else will take it before I can buy it. So far here are the pros and cons I've come up with.

  • It's a really good deal that I may not come across again if I don't get it now.
  • It comes with a lot of stuff (6 playable armies with 13 miniatures each, two game boards, 9 maps, 3 campaign books, etc) and almost everything I need for the game.
  • It's a little worse for wear, but it's not in terrible condition.
  • I'd still be spending quite a bit of money.
  • I have a lot of stuff stored up and I'm worried I'll only be adding more to the clutter.
  • I don't have anyone I can reliably play with.
    • There are some people I play Warhammer with and a board game club I was in before it disbanded I could ask. Or I could make posts in the Discord servers of some game stores I play at, but I'm not sure how I feel playing with total strangers.
    • There is a single-player add-on, but that would cost more money. Maybe I can do single-player stuff with what I get?
Should I buy it or should I save my money for something else?
If you don't have anyone to play it with, I would say you best hang onto the $400 instead of spending it on what is essentially playing at tin soldiers.
Yeah dont put that kind of money into something like that if you dont have a guaranteed way to not only play it, but play it often.

There's a concept among the board gaming hobby (which has heavy overlap with tabletop gaming) called the "shelf of shame". That kind of purchase you're talking about, with that set of cons, that's a great way to start one of those shelves.

Dont let FOMO trick you into throwing money into a blender.
One way of helping you look at the question which expands the pro con approach is to look at the arguments for and the arguments against the pro and the con.

This will give you 4 columns and then you can look at the things you have written down and decide which of these factors are the most important/valuable to you.
@Ya Boi

If you could get it for $200, but then later
concluded you didn't feel like you needed it,
is it likely you could sell it for $200, or more?
Kinda been there with collectibles all my life ,lol. Always toy related.

My thinking is much along what @tree has posted. That is pretty much a deciding factor.

What is the game btw?
If you don't have anyone to play it with, I would say you best hang onto the $400 instead of spending it on what is essentially playing at tin soldiers.
On Google Play store there is an app called One Page Solo Engine. When I don't have someone to wargame with or roleplay, this app allows me to ask questions to an "oracle" that does virtual dice rolls for a system of rules that generate outcomes based on what's happening.

For example if I'm playing my D&D character and he needs to knock on a door to find out who's on the other side, I tap the Player Action button, type out what Kiefer does or says, and enter it; then, I tap the Yes/No button and ask "Does someone answer", where it then asks me how likely the answer is to be "yes". For this situation, I'd interpret the following: Well, Kiefer's knocking on a door, which obviously belongs to a room or a building, and since it's closed, there's a chance it's probably locked, and if there is someone inside, they may not be expecting visitors, or, even if there is no answer there could still be someone inside, maybe they're hiding or pretending to be asleep.

Either way, this seems like a 50/50 chance so I'd tap "Even". Let's just say for all intents and purposes the app says "Yes", though it may also add "and.../but...", to which I adapt my interpretation accordingly. In the case of a simple "yes", I then type out a response from the NPC, however necessary, then I tap "How Much" and ask something like "how anxious are they to have a visitor" and the process repeats.

No raid group? No problem.

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