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Post one dream you have...


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One of my earliest was to defend a castle against viking attack. Still on my bucket list.


Gerald Wilgus

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You really do not want to know. It may range from puzzles like how to launder funds and move $1.5 million to an overseas account securely without attention from the IRS, to the emotional horror of my spouse being open about sex with another man and stating that she does not desire me. I have had grisly dreams of killing myself before a gang catches and impales me on a meathook. You really do not want much of a glimpse into my dreams.

Forest Cat

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how to launder funds and move $1.5 million to an overseas account securely without attention from the IRS

I'll bet that a big red light and an alarm is going off in a secret room in the basement of an IRS building somewhere right now, because of that sentence. ;) Prepare to be audited :D


You know, that one lady we met that one time.
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One of my earliest was to defend a castle against viking attack. Still on my bucket list.


But what about when the gryphons descend upon the keep?

Or sirens pulling out the oars of your longship while the captain is asleep at the helm?

Or when Ogres find your cliffside hideout?

Have you thought this through?

Masked Man

Active Member
I have a dream of visiting all seven continents. At the moment, I have visited 3 (North America, Europe, and Oceania).

I don't actually know how I could ever visit Antarctica though. As far as I'm aware, the only way to get there is by ship. I have a terrible fear of water and I've been told that the seas surrounding Antarctica are very rough.

Au Naturel

Au Naturel
I want to ride the carousel and have for so long
I do worry a bit about sickness from the spinning
I don't ride carousels anymore because I get sick from the spinning. But if I were determined to do so, I'd take some Dramamine or other anti-nausea medication an hour before so I wouldn't get sick. It's what I do before getting on a boat or taking a flight somewhere. Motion sickness has plagued me my entire life.

I have given up on having dreams. I am old enough that if I had a chance to accomplish them, I'd have done so by now.


AQ score: 38, Aspie Score: asp 142/200 nt 58/200
EDIT: Here I was thinking about writing an actual dream I have at night. Before reading the other posts. Stupid me. I`ll leave it here anyways for your amusement.
But to answer the actual question. The only dream I have is to become a grandfather one day. All other things I don`t really care about.

The setup is a little different every time, but I do have a thematically returning dream atleast twice a month. The basic theme of the dream is my wife has broken of our relationship, but it is still in the beginning of our relationship. We are not married yet and we also don`t have children yet. The whole dream revolves around my trying to get back into a relationship with my wife. Sometimes we are still friends and see eachother. Other times she has broken contact completely and I try to find her after not talking to her for week/months. She basically starts our uninterested. Sometimes she wants to try again, most of the times I wake up before I get that far.
Before having these dreams I have not found a certain real life situation or condition. We are both very much still in love with eachother. We still act the same towards eachother. And turn back into foolish kids whenever it is just the two of us. To the point that people start looking crazy at us.
The only thing I can think of is a fear of losing something dear to me. And beside my children she is the only person (or thing for that matter) that would hurt me if I lost it/them.
Maybe I will figure it out some day.

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