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It’s all about how you look at things, I think. Although I grew up as a relatively positive person, I’ve had a really bad attitude toward myself and toward the world for many years now, but here, I am learning so much and thinking about how everything depends on how you look at it and what factors you choose to highlight about your reality.

I am sure that art is my special interest, and someone has really inspired me with an art post. Anyway, I just wanted to share an interesting take on perspective. The following two images are photographs of the exact same drawing. It’s a tauntaun, from Star Wars. I drew him and cut it out. So the same exact drawing was placed on a light background and then on a dark background and these are the results.



Thank you, to people here who talk to me and offer advice and insight. It is helping me change my perspective in a positive way.


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I agree totally with your post about perspective. It is often a matter how we look at things, with regards to how we view things, life, others, events and our own personal situations. I used to be very obsessively negative about everything, but once I realized it was me, and not those other things keeping me down, and once I realized it was my attitude and perspective that was the issue, that is when I found my second wind and a new lease on life, and when my energies and efforts were targeted better.

Now, with regards to art, we each will have our own tastes, preferences and desires, and certain things we do in our art may or may not be viewed more favorably by the masses. Like, when you changed the backgrounds of that great drawing, although my personal desire is for the first one you showed with light background, as I just felt the contrast with the black background was too much of a change for my eyes, and as the first one looked more clean and crisp to me with the border and cleaner background, and with at least some shadows. But, my wife with ADHD preferred the darker background one, as she said it makes the creature look more mysterious and monster-like.

Along a similar tangent, when I paint landscapes and seascapes, I love using shadows and complementary colors, so in that sense one could think I'd have preferred the second background as the contrast is more, and as the first picture looks a bit too light, but no, I preferred the first, lighter background one, as too much dark or dreary art does not match my more positive personality more.. I like the right amount of contrast, and need some more noticeable shadows to show sunlight or life, and I like pictures, photos or art that seems crisper , cleaner or clearer, to match my style or personality there.

Though again, I think many persons could also like the second image better, just as mentioned, like my wife did. She is into drawing more monster-like or sinister characters/creatures, with more darkness and clutter feelings portrayed in her art there, and as she has a less bright personality and approach to things right now..
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OK not OT but just in case you haven't seen it, Bill Hador does a great (and maybe the only) Taun Taun impression.


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