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Noise cancelling headphones question


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I have always put up with loud and busy environments, because of not knowing the reason and now that I do, next year, my faith is starting in person conventions and one day assemblies next year and the convention is 3 days worth. My husband suggested I use my descreet headphones and play some of our amazing spiritual music, but after thinking about it, it could be misjudged as inappropriate, due to the occasion, so I figure I should use obvious noise cancelling phones, but I hate silence and so, I need to know if it just lessons sound and a cheap, but affective pair?


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My husband suggested I use my descreet headphones and play some of our amazing spiritual music, but after thinking about it, it could be misjudged as inappropriate, due to the occasion

I agree- rethink using earbuds/headphones under such circumstances.

Or risk the wrath of any number potentially judgmental peers ignorant of autism giving you a bad time. Requiring you to explain yourself each time where getting such a point across may prove to be futile. Which might be more painful than all the external and unwanted sound so many of us struggle with at times. But only you can ultimately weigh which may be preferable to you.

Though if you go with such technology, just understand how fragile the connectors can be. Just a slight, innocent tug on them can potentially kill the sound from the left or right connector. Which is the most basic reason for unhappy, return customers. So you have to handle them like "kid gloves".
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Orange Glasses

Well-Known Member
I am extremely sensitive to certain noises and my hearing is almost as good as my dogs. I have a few noise canceling headphones, but if I am going somewhere potentially loud, I always bring earplugs. In fact I can’t sleep without them.

Please remember that noise canceling headphones are not as good as advertised. I’ve used Bose etc and its more hype than reality. Even with supposedly the best noise canceling headphones, you will still (or at least I do) hear people talking etc.

The earplugs I use can reduce the level of sound by 33db.

The ones below are skin colored and less noticeable.



Active Member
I would go with the earplugs on this. They're discreet, and I think people are used to seeing enough hearing aid type devices that they won't think twice about something designed to filter out noise. Although, I find they only take the edge off. But that could be a good thing if you're expected to converse with people.

The Lorax

Well-Known Member
Bose QC45 or QC35. I have a pair for me and my son. It really helps. I also knew another adult aspie that used it. He liked it a lot. Yes expensive but good products.


i love dinosaur jr.
V.I.P Member
i bought some galaxy buds that were supposed to have noise cancelling, but it didn't work for me. i have funny shaped ears and some of them just fall out as soon as i move my head. i guess i should try the over ear ones.

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