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My sister is making things up

Mr. Stevens

Active Member
She does this quite often and each time I have forgiven her but it’s still hurtful and this time around after something good happening for her, and I was happy for her and said so, and then when I was telling her that I was too tired for something but was complementary to her artwork that she wa currently doing on the screen, she had her chat window open and I saw what she’d said about me. she decided to message someone (who i may know) about her good news but then added how she had helped me with my school work, that she is so much more intelligent and I am and that everything that I have achieved has been because I have had a lot of support and that it is not me thats achieved it.

I’m extremely upset about it. They are complete lies. She has not helped me do the work. She never did it for me and I have never passed it that it’s mine. Yes, I’ve had support they have never done my academic work for me. She knows how difficult it is amd has been and that Im Proud of my achievements of over coming obstacles so why say what she said? she has even denied writing it. Like it’s a figment of my imagination but it’s clear On discord of what she’s said. She then told me I shouldn’t have read it but how can I not when she has the window open for it to be seen.

She’s a horrible horrible person and I am finding it difficult to try to calm down since she’s hurt me yet again. If it’s not being horrible about me to potential friends then she’s being horrible about me to a cousin (Hence the history ). I can’t forgive her this time. And now I’m having some breakdown in my room. Why would she do this?
Self-image. Because she needs to believe in her capability, and put you down. Or she has some issue with you which she can't deal with in a more mature way. How she sees you is not your fault, though, as awful as it feels.

My sibling tends to exaggerate their ability and suffering, downplaying or ignoring my achievements and pain. It is excruciating. I try to remember I don't need their approval or validation. They are so lost, it is worthless to pursue, anyway. Besides, everyone needs help and connection. Your sister didn't become artistic in a vacuum.

I think non-Autistic people also have trouble reconciling our abilities in some areas, and struggles in others. We can surpass them unexpectedly, while lacking skills they see as normal or common. Perhaps she feels the need to downplay your achievements to make sense of this, even though she is lying.

I hope you can find the strength to stay true to yourself, despite her. And maybe find some good supports outside of the family, where this dynamic might always be an issue.

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