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My evening was so anti aspie it's almost funny (not at the time I might add)


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I was at Pathfinders (It's part of Girl Guides I don't know if anyone on here would know) tonight. We were playing a game that you had to, quote unquote, interpret facial expressions to communicate and make eye contact. And the best part, no verbal communication allowed. Oof. And it wasn't an option not to play. So I almost had a panic attack from that. Basically the only person I can make eye contact with is my best friend, because we have this different kind of eye contact. I don't know how to explain it really. But anyway, that was the game.
And then,
I DID completely lose my head there, and I had to sit outside in the cold for the entire rest of the meeting, just to catch my breath. My best friend went with me, so it wasn't so bad, but still.
I normally love Pathfinders, it's a controlled environment to practice social skills at, but HOLY COW NOT TONIGHT!!!!
It's almost funny how anti aspie the whole situation was.
Well, at least you had a good time and enjoyed yourself :) I think that's all that matters
It reminds me of school the way they pick something they think a lot of people will like then force everyone to do it. Blech! I would have left!
Glad you were able to get through it. :)

Not an ideal form of recreation for many of us on the spectrum. :eek:
It reminds me of a game people sometimes play at parties, Charades. I always hated that game and really suck at it.

I joined Girl Guides when I was a kid, but only lasted about 2 meetings. One one occasion, they asked us to go round the village knocking on people's door to ask for money for charity, another time we did country dancing. Both of these activities were out of my comfort zone, I hated them, and I left.
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Oh my goodness!!! Scream? I'd have gone outside and sat, too. Working at the hospital my boss would have 'team' meetings playing different games that teach us to work together. They were mandatory and I hated them. And I have been known to walk out of meetings. The classes weren't so bad except there was always that one person to ask a million questions keeping everyone there longer.
Every year we had to have a mock code and one night the nurse supervisor was doing the mock code. She starts out, "So you walk into the room and the patient is unresponsive. What's the first thing you do?" My reply, "Look for a do not resuscitate bracelet".
So this pathfinders/girl guides thing - is it for aspies? I've never heard of it.
When I was a child, I so badly wanted to be a brownie, but due to my life at home, this was quite impossible ie abuse.

I would often see them walking around and I became obsessed with brown and would only wear brown and read book after book on brownies.

Sorry, I really veer off your post!

Try going being tested for aspergers. That is awful.
I never wanted to join the Scouts or any organisation like it for exactly this sort of reason. That whole group activity thing, being press ganged into participating, is anathema to me.
I'm oot!
I went to one boy scouts meeting as a kid where you find out what it's about and such, and everyone was throwing paper airplanes and at some point an excited person told us about all the amazing things we would be doing and it was like a list of horrors LOL the only one I remember is that they said we would go hiking through the woods, where we would swim in the lakes, and that was the one that guaranteed I never went back. I kept imagining it happening over and over like a scene from a scary movie I regretted watching.
"...it wasn't an option not to play." Nobody has the right to force you to do something you're uncomfortable with in that kind of situation. You were there voluntarily, it was supposed to be fun. You always have the option to say no, or just to refuse to participate. Don't argue. Just don't play. I practiced that kind of passive resistance from a fairly early age. Stand up for yourself, and people will eventually accept it without an argument.
My older Brother used to go to Boy Scouts, I went with a few times, and all it was was some Hippy God Botherer singing religious songs.

We also went to some Camp site up North somewhere one weekend, went swimming and the Pool was flipping FREEZING! I hate cold water anyway but this? Pure child cruelty IMO.
@Horsegirl I'm a girl guide too :) I love guides so much but when activities that are not inclusive come up its hard for example I dont touch hands and my normal leaders knows this but she was away having a baby and so we had the guide leaders come and help, we where made to play a game where everyone had to hold hands and the hula hoop had to go around everyone and the leaders where like no you have to play and I was so close to loosing it, luckily one of the other rangers stood up for me and said "shes not comfortable playing she doesnt have to"
but like you I have spent many nights sitting outside the guide hall crying, melting down, having a panic attack and its hard when you are struggling to be somewhere you love so much but I kept pushing and kept going every week and now I'm a queens guide :)
if you ever wanna chat then feel free to message me :)
She starts out, "So you walk into the room and the patient is unresponsive. What's the first thing you do?" My reply, "Look for a do not resuscitate bracelet".

Isn't this exactly the right response, at least if you are not familiar with the patient?
I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough experience at Pathfinders, @Horsegirl - I would have been at the end of my rope, too - especially with the "Who Can Scream the Loudest" game! *shudder* :flushed: Don't know what made them think that game was a good idea! I hope you are feeling better now.

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