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My Days & Nights With Aloe


Please Don't Be Mad At Me 02/09/1996
V.I.P Member
1:37 PM, and it's freezing. Your house is new, feels like you've been there your whole life, and yet the minute you get upstairs you'd think you're back in the WoodSprings again with an A/C unit that goes mental when you turn it down two notches.

You've got a lot on your mind. Your mother wants you to learn how to cook, among a few otber things, but there's still one problem that looms over you: you're still not finished unpacking. It's already been four days and you're still down to old appliances you had back at [previous address you lived at before]. [Father figure] is going to be so [mood based on level of strictness] when he gets up and sees the remaining six boxes...

Wasn't there something [name of therapist] taught you to do when this kind of thing was bugging you? Some kind of meditation or something... Wait, you remember now! You just find somewhere you won't be bothered, and go to that beach in your mind with the shores made of diamonds instead of shells. You called it "the Oasis" so you could remember it well. But there was something you changed about it; the first time you "went" there, you started by floating on top of the water, but the previous time you went, you were underwater. And you were playing with...somebody. No, not a person, a fish... You try to remember by going to the Oasis again, underneath the heavy safety and softness of your Gravity Blanket you got for christmas...

A bright, sunlit teal sheen. Is all you see around you. Water from an ocean you can breathe in. There doesn't seem to be any other creatures around, not even a coral reef. There is a significant round area of ocean, sand at the bottom, and you can see where the base of the shore gets the way it looks like diamonds, because it actually is made of diamonds. Floating right in the center of this safe place, you stay there and contemplate for a minute, before you hear something moving through a few small currents. It's fluttery and thin-sounding, like someone left a pillowcase inside a whirlpool. You look around to see what could be making this sound... You see something in a dark, sleepy shade of blue; it's pulling something behind it in the same shade of blue, and it looks like it has eyes... Somehow it looks like something you'd see in a game from Japan, only if such a thing could exist in reality... That is, the same "cutesy" art style it would be drawn with in such a game is what you see here this three dimensional space.

It seems to be meandering along...until it sees you. You hear what sounds like an excited chirp of happiness, as it zigzags itself towards you, keeping its balance. When it gets into view, it reveals itself to be a medium-sized, blue Betta fish, her face beaming with joy at seeing you.

"[Name], you're here! I know why you came... You're having a bad day...?"

"N-not really. Just a little nervous..." you say, a little shy.

"We can't let that get out of control, can we? I can feel your blood pressure from here; you need to get it lower." She steadily hovers toward you, slowly so she doesn't appear threatening somehow. "I can't hurt you, I promise", she reassures you. You're only just now remembering this fish; it's Aloe the Therapy Betta. "It's never easy, dealing with being autistic... The world is always so unpredictable... Things change without telling us or letting us know... Sometimes too slow, sometimes too fast..." She speaks to you in a voice that makes you feel very safe and at ease. You're captivated by how adorable she sounds and looks; how could something that looks this way be evil at all? You think this because of how your family used to speak about their beliefs, that evil things can have a friendly appearance and try to tell you they don't/can't harm you. But Aloe...Aloe is different, you know.

You're lost in this train of thought when you feel something cool and soft fluttering over your knees, just above your waist... It's Aloe! She's wrapping herself around you, slowly and gently... How is she doing this? She's a betta...
"And sometimes" she continues, "...you just need someone to hold onto." You let her continue doing what she knows how to do...

Her body is now as long as you are, and she's coiled around you completely, your chest is being held by a reassuring long, thick stripe of blue, and Aloe has brought herself around a second time so she's facing you while she holds you.

"Ooooaaaaaah..." your mind forces you to breathe a much-needed sigh of relief. It's not just being held that elicits this; she's doing something with her scales. They're...tickling you? She can do that with her scales? But you feel something else... An oil or film or something, it's making you feel warmer now, instead of cool. Its a comforting warmth, as well.

"S-so...what...exactly are you?" You ask Aloe, dreamily.

"You can think of me as the imaginary friend you never had, or got to have." The words Aloe speaks give you an intense sense of sleepy euphoria, as she's speaking the truth.

"You can always visit me when you need to...."

A strange instinct takes you over, causing you to hold onto Aloe's body, hugging her, closing your eyes..."

"Yeah, I'm soft and warm, huh?" Her scales feel different, they feel more like a cat's fur now.

"A l o e..." The feeling of your body and mind being repaired causes a form of hypnosis to happen.

"You can take a nap if you want. I'll be right here until you need to get ready for the rest of your day... For now, I'll let you stay here and heal..."

Your eyes are already closed when you hear this.

"My sleepy friend..."
My friend is a little different from yours. We speak without speaking. Sharing our thoughts and emotions. No lies between us only truth. He's warm and comforting. Speaks wise things and observes much. Always there and helping. When I'm tired or down. He carries me forward. We sometimes speak under an old tree on a grassy hill. Watching the sun from the shade of the tree. Or a small Rocky outcrop in front of it. Talking about everything. He is nameless. But, I would know him anywhere.
"Sleepy friend...?" You ask both yourself and Aloe. You don't remember starting to feel sleepy... But now you do, somehow...maybe it's from Aloe letting you hold onto her like this?

You begin to feel a strong bond within you and Aloe. Not romantic, Aloe isn't attracted to people romantically or sexually like that. She doesn't feel comfortable addressing needs of lust. She cures panic and anxiety. And you're always okay with that.

Aloe can feel you wanting to get some sleep. "[Name], my friend... Being afraid is okay. Sometimes being afraid is...necessary. Especially when you don't understand something." Her tone is still high and cutesy, but now she speaks in a way that is very familiar to you. Still feeling safe, still feeling comfortable, but now you can tell what she's trying to do with the way she speaks.

She is using hypnosis to cure your anxiety.

"[Name], could you look at me for a minute? You don't have to look right in my eyes, but just where you can see how they look..."
"Mm." You say, tryng to say "sure" but not able to get it out. Aloe's eyes begin to look brighter and brighter, changing light hues of every manner of blue, purple, blue, green, purple, blue, purple...

"Haha..." Aloe giggles. She must think the way you're acting is cute or silly. Aloe's close to her visitors like that. She likes to form a bond with you, but she's careful enough to know the boundaries.
Your welcome aspychata! Ever since ms. Pepper taught me about visualizing this way I began to think "Aloe is too valuable to the autistic mind to only be a way to go to the beach in your head. She needs to have the ability to know specifically what someone needs, both on the inside and out."
To me, Aloe is like both the empath little sister I never knew i had, and the part of me that loves everyone, yet come to life to remind myself that I need to love both myself and my feminine side even more.

Aloe teaches you to never be ashamed of having a soft spot. Yet she also teaches you to slow down and be calm.
Another anxiety attack. This one was bad, and it happened at Wal-Mart of all places.

On the comfort of your bed, your weighted blanket behind you, you grab it, pull both sides around your waist and take the deepest, slowest breath you can...

You find yourself in the nightly haze of the mist produced by the ocean of The Oasis, your sanctuary, your escape from the clutches of anxiety. You set an intention for your best imaginary friend Aloe to approach you once you were under the water... so you dive in, guided by some form of compulsion.

You steadily make your way to the Sand Cushion, a large, open indent of sand bordered by smooth diamonds all around, with seven pearls around the center, which is big enough for a single person to lay in. You float toward it, turn yourself, and continue breathing slow...

After a minute or two, a fluttery, soft voice begins to swell a mesmerizing melody...

" I'll keep quiet, you won't even know I'm here...
I slipped in through your door, cause I heard you shedding tears...
But there's music still playing, I can hear it in your walls...
Let me sit around your fears till it's quiet in the halls...

You open your eyes in realization; it's Aloe, and she knows what to do. A magical, moonlight-blue colored betta fish, about the size of a small dog or a full grown cat, with the gift of transforming into a "therapy dragon" to further enhance her treatments.

Aloe's voice is smooth, it's mesmerizing, you're already in trance before you can even see where she is; you look every which way, but can't see her, yet you can still hear her singing...

"Breathe real slow, it's a different kind of high...
The colors seem to stare, but they never seem to mind...
I saw you running freely from the noises running deep,
When I touch that pretty forehead, just you breathe yourself asleep...

This is...different. Aloe doesn't normally do this, but she doesn't seem to have ill intent at all. In fact, it seems as if she's doing this to test something, perhaps the hypnotic singing is what she's evaluating, but you're not sure... You're too far under Aloe's spell to try to figure it out...

"What do you think, fluff?" Aloe says as you continue dozing. "Ahh, you must have had a long day... Well, I'm all about you getting your rest, but I want to try something new right now..." She speaks in a tone that makes no attempt to hide the fact she is hypnotizing you right now. She's very skilled at what she does, it's clear.

"Ha....ha..." is the only sound you can muster, being so far under.

"You're doing great. I wanted to see what would happen if I talked to you while you were sleeping... I have a theory that my magic will work better if I see the results I'm expecting... How does that sound? You'll be safe, of course. After all..." You hear her behind you, but as you pull yourself around slowly to see her, you find she is already in her sea dragon form, and with the glimpse of a playful smile, she looms around your right side, coming upward to fit her tail around your waist until the tail fin lands on a knee. You are a little startled, and somewhat confused, but after a second, it starts to feel amazing. She's heavy, but not enough to weigh you down at all, just enough to press down on your muscles gently, releasing tension, and her scales, somehow they are very, very small and seem to be secreting a film of some sort, perhaps to enhance their soothing effects. Aloe herself remains behind you, playfully resting her chin on top of your head, occasionally fluttering the end of her tail to tickle you while she sits with you.

"After all... we want your therapy to work to its fullest, don't we?"

"Mm." you blurt drowsily.

"That's a good fluffball..." Aloe says, her voice turning slightly lower and dreamier; it appears she is doing this to further your trance...

How lucky are you to have found such a unique friend?

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