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*Little* Things That Annoy You (Pet Peeves)

I tend to be an all-or-nothing person, and I tend to present as a blank slate because I've been taught again, and again, and again, and again, that when I'm happy, I'm a faggot, and when I'm not happy, I'm a downer and a bad vibe. At a certain point, you have to be stronger than people's nonsense, and let self-acceptance take precedent.

Are you saying that when you express any sort of strong feeling people tend to react negatively toward you?
Big "Click Here" buttons that mean "right here in the middle, not just the button-looking thing."
Having my peas touch my potatoes. Or my carrots touch my peas. Or having the gravy wander over to say hello to the vegetables. But, curiously, mix them all together and I can eat them. Not happily, but I can--and nobody's the wiser for it. I don't say 'boo' about my food touching unless I'm asked. (Most people DON'T CARE.) So I absolutely love it when I'm visiting somewhere and they shout out from the kitchen, "hey, do you want your food touching or not touching?" This might sound silly, but it's akin to hearing someone say "I love you."
This site having a "similar threads" section, when it didn't used to (not that I remember). That was one bugbear on the other site as it encouraged old threads from 10 years ago to be dragged up.
Answers to a practice licensing exam not matching up with the study materials -- some are not even close.
Facebook groups where an admin has to read your post before it gets posted, and sometimes they take forever to see it.
When you highlight a word to alter the font or whatever and the bar that says select all/copy/paste is covering the bold/italics/other options.
Does anyone else have unusual things that bother them? Um, let me explain,

I get very angry and upset when I see an ad/commercial that assumes it knows what I think like 'You've always wanted to travel to blank...' And I'm like no. No NO NO. I've never wanted to do that. Don't assume you know what I want.

Also I get mad when an ad or sign tells me what to do, like a sign said I needed to buy more shoes or I need to stop and read the advertisement and I'm like, WTF no I don't. Don't tell what to do, that's stupid.

It makes me really upset and no one else understands why, I try to explain it to them but they say that it's just an ad or commercial. I drives me crazy.
I feel the same way.

Another pet peeve of mine is whenever someone is being mean and hostile to me or someone else and refuse to hold themselves accountable and instead project the blame onto their target.

It’s annoying because people will twist your words to make you look bad and then justify any hostile behavior as “criticism” and then you have to end up walking on eggshells around them just to not make them mad.

I am an outspoken person and I will speak my mind, and people don’t like it when I do, because to them, me speaking my mind is “oppressing them”. They accuse me of such things and then try to twist everything against me as if everything they’ve done to me is MY fault. It’s a control tactic they tend to do just to keep me from being myself. And I hate it.
When an NT misunderstands or bullies an Aspie, and the Aspie still admits the NT has empathy. But if an Aspie misunderstands one teeny little thing about others, other Aspie jump down their throat and yell "have empathy! You lack empathy!"

If anyone brings up that horrible E-word to me in a negative context then I will personally throw my toys out of the pram. Yes, call me a snowflake but I just can't bear that E-word.
The empathy word has become very fashionable lately too.

Especially makes me want to vomit from virtue signalling men.
People who think there's no such thing as mild, moderate or severe levels of autism

I felt mildly woke-scolded at an autism support group when I described myself as only mildly autistic. As if my partners extremely disabled son who needs constant support and me who can work are similar.

Theyll take a grain of truth, that we all have an uneven profile of abilities, and then fallaciously expand that to us all being the same. It's probably an extension of very woolly, fashionable woke thinking.
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People who can't spell. Yes I know some people have dyslexia and all that but when you're a good speller like I am these small things just bug you more.
I suck severely at math so I bet that might bug some people who are good at math.
When people take common autism stereotypes and put them down to positives of autism. Such as:-

"Did you know that autistic people tend to excel at math and technology?"
I suck at all the things I'm stereotypically supposed to excel at.

"Did you know that autistic people have an excellent memory? They can learn lots of facts by reading, and remember that same information years later!"
I've never been good at learning or remembering facts, even about my own interests.

"Did you know that autistic people learn to read before they're 4?"
I was actually in the slow-readers group at 7.

"Did you know that autistic people cannot feel emotions subconsciously but can learn them intellectually?"
Shut up, I've always subconsciously felt emotions and my emotions are so subconscious that I feel them even when trying to distract my mind. It's like my emotions and logical reasoning are two separate things that can't help each other out. Emotions just happen with me.
I also hate the stereotypes autistic people see NTs as. The stereotypes just seem so ridiculous and like they're guessed, not factually true. Such as:

"Did you know that NTs have no interests?"
This is the stupidest one of all. Most NTs actually have several interests, and can become knowledgeable or even talented in things, such as sports, TV shows, celebrities, chess, cooking, gardening, music, novels, health, beauty, history, technology, travel, art, dancing, martial arts, nature, fashion, religion, politics, puzzles, cars, animals, motorcycles...to name a lot. Some build careers out of their interests. Others do these things in their spare time, even alone, because they enjoy it.
Forgetting which foods I should not eat -- shomai from Chow King, for example.

(Pass the Pepto, please . . .)
People who always seem to find money on the ground, and I don't mean useless pennies but I mean 5, 10 and even 20 pound notes. I often look at the ground when I walk in the street (to avoid eye contact with strangers) yet I have never found more than a 20 pence piece. And I am in desperate need for money more than most people I know. It isn't fair.

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