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Keto Diet

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I started a Keto diet lifestyle change a couple months ago after running across it while looking for natural ways to dissolve kidney stones. For me, I basically cut out all carbs and sugar. I started eating a lot of healthy fats and vegetables. I've lost 20 pounds as a side effect. My acid reflux is gone. I can breath through my nose clearly which has always been about half stopped up. I'm generally feeling better overall. I don't know if the kidney stone is still there or not, but it hasn't been bothering me yet. I'm drinking a lot of lemon juice to aid in dissolving that.
I ran across this video today. She is having some positive results from putting her daughter on a Keto diet.

Never tried this but know of people that have said it's had a positive affect on their life, anyone gone gluten free? ,a person i know is convinced it helps with lowering anxiety and his previous panic attacks.
Unless trying to treat epilepsy under the supervision of a doctor, I would be wary of a keto diet. To truly get into ketosis isn't something most people achieve anyways and deleting carbs from your diet is not the best idea for overall health. Especially don't expose a child to this without consulting a doctor (who almost invariably will tell you not to do it if they have a license)
The only diets I tried myself was vegetarian, sugar-free and lacto-free. Vegetarian diet was a disaster since I'm allergic to many important plant proteins and some nuts and couldn't get the right amount of vitamins. These were quite miserable months to me.

I can say that sugar-free and lacto-free made me feel so much better, more energy, no problems with my stomach, no nausea, less 'brain fog' and overall better health and complexion.

Concerning keto diet, I'm not sure if eliminating carbohydrates from diet is a good choice, but then, for some it may. Everyone has to find out themselves if something works for them or not.

But yes, I agree that children shouldn't be exposed to any kind of special diet without consultation with a specialist dietitian.

And while we're in this topic, people that make dogs and cats go on vegetarian diets should really think if vegetable-based diet is such a good choice for carnivores.
cut out all carbs and sugar. I started eating a lot of healthy fats and vegetables. I've lost 20 pounds as a side effect. My acid reflux is gone. I can breath through my nose clearly which has always been about half stopped up.

I would likely benefit from this. Removing carbohydrates and definitely sugar from my diet. Carbs like bread, rice, pasta make me sleepy almost immediately after eating, same with sugar. My abdomen swells up for a day and then reverts back to it's normal size. Don't know if I have whatever it takes to go on a diet, as I've never had to. But it sounds interesting and it's lots of vegetables and fruit that make me feel good.
A low-carb diet doesn't have to be keto. In January last year, I started on a low-carb diet, really just removing sugar and grains. My daughter ate the food I cooked, and the stomach pains she's experienced since early puberty just disappeared. Turns out she has wheat intolerance, which is not the same as gluten allergy. Many types of grains, and particularly wheat, contain starches that cause very uncomfortable gas production in some people.

Cutting sugar and grains also means cutting most of the quick carbs we can have in a diet. A low glycemic diet is just as good as keto to many, and will help with milder inflammations that do things like cause a clogged nose and stuff.

I wouldn't encourage keto, except periodically. And not at all in children. But staying away from white flours and sugar is always a good idea. If you want grains, eat them whole to avoid blood sugar spike.

I read somewhere about a study which found that low carb combined with high protein is also good for weight control. So it's not like keto is the one and only way to do it.

But seriously. Avoiding blood sugar spikes is the best way to control most things. No need to cut all the carbs, but try getting them from vegetables instead of grass.
I did a small survey of the material on Keto effects on Autism. The professional medical community currently considers the results inconclusive, because there are very few studies and those that were done contained very small test groups. I was able to find two very small studies done in 2003 and 2013 that reported some decrease in autistic symptoms in some test subjects.

I try to keep an open mind on the dietary and digestive system approaches. As autism seems to be the result of genetic variations/mutations I don't see how that can be changed (cured) but certainly accept the possibility of treatment/lessoning of the symptoms.
Treating autism isn't a goal as far as I'm concerned. Would make more sense to treat society, it suffers from too many weird biases.

But using diet to improve one's health would be beneficial to anyone. Cutting down on the worst carbs can lessen symptoms of anxiety or depression, in some people. The right diet can help with stomach troubles, some which the person doesn't even really know that they're having. A person who has less gnawing pains, mentally and physically, would be better equipped to handle the stress of social interaction. It only makes sense that some symptoms of autism could get better on a suitable diet. But I don't think those symptoms are caused by the autism itself. It's more likely they're caused by an inadequate diet, or even more likely just society not adapting to autistic people's needs.
I adopted a low carb, and then 6 years later a gluten free diet.
My low carb goal was "don't trigger your insulin - because it's a defensive mechanism".

I followed the information on dietdoctor.com (without paying) and their visual food guides are excellently simple.
Mood and foggy brain mostly cleared up and massive improvement in emotional stability.
My weight went from 83kg down to 76kg - which was great / ideal.

Then went gluten free a year ago. (as I was previously having some toast and biscuits).
(apparently) If gluten gets through your gut wall (Which it will if you have a mild intolerance that isn't enough for a medical diagnosis), you might have caused yourself a dairy intolerance, and it also Turns out gluten binds to your neuroreceptors, including dopamine receptors - which means you will not really register dopamine and therefore can't be happy - you just feel flat. or "Meh". If you feel this way after a bloaty big pasta meal - I'd seriously recommend testing yourself by going gluten free for a month and see how you feel at the end of it.
For me - my mental cognition and speed has returned to the clarity I had when I was late twenties (this alone is just seriously fantastic), I have excellent emotional stability (no "Meh"), my brain is fantastically capable again, and I've got down to my perfect weight of 70kg. and the real magic is my gut health is phenomenal. Truly didn't know this was possible.

In the same way we feed our pets a different diet into middle age, we should as humans consider it.
Apart from the obvious avoidance of diabetes type2, a low-carb, high-fat, zero-gluten diet is incredibly easy to follow, very tasty, and exceptionally healthy.

Side bonus - my heart tachycardia stopped after a month of no gluten - so clearly some neuroreception improvements - my cardiologist has stopped all treatments.

Gluten free is easy now thanks to the introduction of "genius" branded bread - which is actually like bread, not dust sponge, and therefore sandwiches and eggs on toast can be a thing again - just as long as you don't trigger your insulin ;-)

I challenge anyone to the low-carb & gluten free diet for a month and tell me you're not feeling better for it. Eat what you like - don't trigger your insulin. Simple.

(more information about low carb and diet also from the Zoe ZOE—Understand how food affects your body website - it's all very personal)
Never tried this but know of people that have said it's had a positive affect on their life, anyone gone gluten free? ,a person i know is convinced it helps with lowering anxiety and his previous panic attacks.
absolutely, firstly low carb helped me massively but the last bits of getting rid of gluten completely was the absolute magic I didn't realise was causing almost all my problems and the root cause.

One possible side effect is your brain processing will improve and get back to what it was in your 20's (if you're older than that obviously) - if you have a fast overspeed brain because of autism - be prepared for your processing speed to get even faster (but in a good way!) - so all those coping mechanisms of taking a breath and just chilling - will be necessary to be practised all the more. But I'd prefer that any day over anxiety and foggy head and bad gut health.

Try it for a month - and reassess. If it is a factor I'd say that after two weeks you won't consider going back an option, it's that fundamental to some of us.
I have problems with keto, but low glycemic index helps me not have energy lows and I'm thinner when I eat this way. I also have celiac disease, so going on a gluten-free diet turned out to be difference like night and day. Gluten causes me to feel like I have mild flu all the time and gives me low grade but constant stomach pain and unbearable pain when some additional GI issue happens.

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