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I don't feel well

Misty Avich

I prefer to be referred to as ADHD
V.I.P Member
I can't live like this any more. I don't know if I have an infection in my ears, bladder or stomach. I have nausea and loss of appetite, which is a symptom of all three (but I don't have all three, most likely just one). And I don't know if my anxiety and emetophobia is making it worse.

I had to miss another day's work today because I just don't feel well. I'm scared I'm going to start randomly throwing up. I'm not sure if I'm hungry or sick. And no, I don't have that autism symptom where I don't know what my body is telling me, because I ALWAYS know, but it's quite normal in all humans to not always decipher whether they are hungry or sick. Sometimes people who are sick think they're hungry but then as soon as they eat they throw up. I'm terrified to take that chance.

Yes I have got doctors tomorrow, I'll tell them that I have an asymptomatic infection somewhere (the only symptom I have is nausea and loss of appetite) but am unsure where and to just get antibiotics so that whatever the infection is will be treated.
I was going to go to the emergency room to get this sorted but you have to pay to park the car and we have no money to be able to do that. We also have no money for a prescription, and now that I'm off sick we'll now be in debt (I don't get sick pay).

Money doesn't buy happiness, eh? Well if I had money then I wouldn't be this stressed, I can just be ill without having to worry about money.
You get more of what you focus on. That has been my experience. Stress is horrible for your immune system...find another focal point. Do your best to focus on the positives...that's all I can suggest at the moment. Talk to someone...get that stress off your back.

Look for State assistance that can help alleviate your financial stress. Emergency cannot turn you away if you are in desperate need...use it if you have to. Get better soon. :)
What kind of foods do you eat? Maybe we could suggest something that is gentler on the digestive system. Do you have enough time to eat or do it under time pressure?
It's not what food I eat. I don't think my stomach is the problem here, I think it's either the bladder or the ears. I say bladder because I keep peeing but it's just clear pee, so I'm obviously hydrated. I suffer with my ears so I think it the problem is most likely caused by perforated eardrums (which I do have). I think the anxiety of nausea is causing me to pee excessively.
With a UTI/bladder infection there is normally
pain, burning, stinging.

Are you saying that when your ear drums ruptured,
they never healed? That there are still holes in them?
Or what?

I've had several operations on my ears in childhood, and it has left me with perforated eardrums that never healed. A few weeks ago my ears were checked by a doctor and he said I definitely have perforated eardrums in both ears. I don't seem to get much wax though.
Having holes in your eardrums sounds like an
invitation for trouble. Infection.

Have you had Tympanoplasty
but somehow it's failed?
Drink lots water, but I still get bladder thing so I buy at local shop (convenience store) Citra soda in a sachet....
Use this and see if it doesn't clear then anti-biotics

Ears can be water from shower, wind....do you use ear plugs?
I am reliant on earplugs because I live below noisy neighbours. I do use headphones too but some activities make wearing headphones difficult or uncomfortable so I have to use earplugs, which I am usually taking in and out when my husband talks to me. Yes, this is how I live and it is so unfair. But anyway, I won't go into all that, as there is a separate thread on that issue.

It's just whenever I feel a twinge in my stomach or the slightest bit of nausea, I am convinced I have a sickness bug. There just seems to be so many people I know being sick lately, and buses at work keep coming in with vomit on that I have to clean up, even though I have been working there a few years and we've never had to deal with vomit much. It used to be like once or twice a year, now it seems to be occuring 2-3 times a month and I wish I knew why.

But anyway, these attacks are awful. I spent most the night last night sitting on the toilet even though I wasn't doing anything. I just felt safe on the toilet, and each time I went back to bed I started to panic and had to sit back on the toilet again. It's just the safest and best place to be when you're feeling nauseous, I guess because It's private and can be cleaned easily.

And to think I have a job where I have to clean up vomit regularly. Well I didn't used to have to, for 6 years there were hardly no buses that came in with vomit on. But since before Christmas there has literally been vomit on a bus about once a week or fortnight. I can't bear to even look at it, and although I understand that vomiting is very uncontrollable (which is why I'm so scared to vomit myself) I still resent people for puking on buses without telling the driver the reason they were sick. If there was a reason like chemotherapy, pregnancy, drunk or vertigo, then I'll be less afraid to clean it up. But if it's unspecified or the vomiter doesn't know why they were sick, then I immediately convince myself it's norovirus. And I know people say norovirus is not airborne, believe me it is airborne.
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Awe, ok I get dis picture, clearer. Yip, every time I cleaned my kids vomit I usually got sick too (not sure if mask and gloves would help....I tried that over lockdown but still got sick)
There is a new strand COVID that's very tummy bug related, and ye, my ears are affected by corona!!
I had the new COVID for weeks since boys are in/out and I just can't wipe everything all time.....
Wait, does that mean everyone is at risk of catching the new strand of covid and being sick? Because if it's unavoidable as that then I don't think I want to go out any more.
Even wearing masks doesn't really protect you, as everyone gets covid eventually.
Wait, does that mean everyone is at risk of catching the new strand of covid and being sick? Because if it's unavoidable as that then I don't think I want to go out any more.
Even wearing masks doesn't really protect you, as everyone gets covid eventually.
Depends on country you live,
I hear there is some skin virus in USA, In Japan they also have skin virus so I'm not so sure.

With new COVID I felt mild fever at first which I noticed as id had previous COVID and maybe the Omicron variant or something but it was noticeable but fever wasn't as bad as first time since have some natural immunity. Afterwards I overheard India confirming new strand
To know for sure is to check if you wheeze....so breathing out heavy from stomach will tell you without a test if it is COVID
I read up about covid in the UK and there isn't any vomiting linked to it, nor has there ever been.
I do believe that vomiting with a cold, flu or covid is more likely in young children or the elderly but isn't an actual symptom in most people. I worry more about other people getting covid than myself, but I worry more about myself getting norovirus or other sickness bugs because I just have a massive phobia of vomiting, both rational and irrational.

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