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I am very pessimistic by nature, is this an Aspie thing?

Mr Allen

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member

For instance if I predict something bad is going to happen in my life, it usually does! That kind of thing.

Is anyone else like this or is it just me?
People often call me pessimistic or negative, but actually I'm just being realistic.
I'm just a logical person so my pessimism is just a reflection of the experiences I've had in life. Why would things go good now when they didn't before?
I think this has to be with black and white thinking. I hope you don't take offence to me when I say this but I do recognise quite a bit of black and white thinking with you. So in an instance where something could be perceived as negative you end up very dead set on it being negative.
I am not sure there is a difference between Pessimistic and Realistic. Have you read Marcus Aurelius? Wow.......we are specks here for a second and then gone......how would that NOT lead any thinking read to be pessimistic?
Yes, I am, but like you, have good reason to be, because when ever I try to be positive, it never ends that way, but contrary, when I feel negative about a situation, it ends being positive, so my brain says: safer to be negative.

Always when I want something to go right, because it is really something I want; it never happens that way and I am left weak with disappointment and the few occasions it has gone my way, I am dumbfounded and almost fearful, in case it doesn't last.
For me, it's just being realistic or cautious. If you prepare for the worst, you can be at most pleasantly surprised.
This is exactly how I think. I always get moaned at for it, but it makes total sense!

My Parents call me "Victor Meldrew" sometimes, remember him? He was the main character in UK sitcom "One Foot in the Grave" back in the early to mid 90's, he was basically a bit of an old grump.
I get accused of being negative a lot, but I think I'm just more serious than many people. I'm not really interested in trivia and when I look at what's going on in the world, there's a lot to be concerned about! I admit this doesn't exactly make for being the life of the party! :(
Same here, I'm often accused of being negative because I usually expect the worst and it's difficult to change. I want to try hard not to because I also believe that sometimes when you expect something bad to happen so much it can actually cause it to happen, this is because of the negative energy that it projects into the universe. It is definitely often the case with relationships, for instance if you keep thinking you're going to lose someone you usually cause it to happen and similarly if you think you will never be-able to meet someone it greatly reduces your chances.
Ever got this laugh guys? When you say exactly what you think finding it realistic and others think it's a joke, a kind of funny black or sarcastic sense of humor? 'Haha, you should talk more, you're soooo funny!'. Rather frustrating.

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