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Hello, all! At 43, finally feeling comfortable (mostly)


New Member
Left to my own devices, I'm going to invariably make an open ended introduction sound like an OKCupid profile; so I'll guard against that here. Long story short: 43 year old man, single father of three, works for Uncle Sam in the DC area.

I was diagnosed an Aspie several years ago, before the new DSM came out and revised it away. It was a relief, though, as I read more and more about the condition (if one can call it that) and stories of Aspie folks, to know that I wasn't a broken person, really. I spent too much of my life thinking that I was just that.

I simply think that I am 'wired differently' - and that framing helps out a great deal.

I am learning to best my blind spots, and to recognize patterns and actions that I was previously unaware of (though, to be frank, I have been 'running patterns' and 'scripts' when interacting with people my entire life).

For example, I am getting better at understanding when women are flirting with me. For the longest time, it had to be BLATANT for me to get the hint, and even then I would second (and third, and fourth) guess if they actually were. Less obvious actions (to me) just confused me (why is she acting weird?).

It is still rather difficult and isolating at times to know that my thought processes can manifest reactions that are not very helpful in the short term; sometimes only upon later reflection and thought do I understand what I should have done/said to the 'normals' or 'typicals' in my life; I have worked to circle back in each case, where I can. I'm thankful for good hearted, empathetic, and caring people.

All that said, I hope I can gain some solace and insight from this site, and return the same to y'all.
Hello! I am in midlife and was only aware of my uniqueness this summer. So my head, it is spinning.

I think there are LOTS of us out there, especially the older people who are more high functioning. After all, autism wasn't acknowledged until the early 90's.

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