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Forum software help? Alternatively, a question about editing and deleting posts


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Is there somewhere on the sire that describes how the underlying S/W works for users?

If not, I've noticed a change in the new version that is a potential "show-stopper" for me:

I need to be able to edit and delete posts. I could do this easily on the old version (delete was possible for a few days, edit either forever, or on a longer timer).

FWIW, for me editing is usually just typos, or re-phrasing to remove ambiguities. I use delete for posts that I realize later haven't contributed to the discussion.
Both abilities are important to me - if they're not available with reasonable timers, the site will be much less interesting for me - I'll probably keep reading, but I probably won't post.


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Non-VIP users are given 60 minutes to be able to edit/delete their posts. This is due to the number of spammers who create a boring thread and then change it later change it to include links/spam.

VIP members have an unlimited timescale, though if we find users starting to abuse this it will have to change.


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V.I.P Member
VIP members have an unlimited timescale, though if we find users starting to abuse this it will have to change.
lol it´s really unlimited, I theoretically could edit my first post. that´s crass.

I sometimes edit posts for typos or when I want to add or delete something. but nearly always a few seconds or minutes after the post, so most people would not realize it and I find that´s okay. and it´s never so that I have after several days the thinking "oh this post a few days ago, I want to edit it now" lol.

I sometimes delete posts when I realize after posting that I not stand behind that post and so revise my post. or when posts could be misunderstood or would be controversial and I don´t want to have a debate/conflict, so I self-regulate my posts. but nearly always only short time after posting that post and not on purpose.

sometimes it feels right to post something, but after posting it feels wrong and then I delete it. I think as long as the deleted posts are only a small part of all posted posts, it is no problem. I deleted some posts, but I also posted many posts in general, so it´s okay.

in one forum someone once said that editing posts would be gaslighting, because when someone reads it and then you edit the post and the person reads it again, the person could theoretically doubt his/her own perception. there is a true core, but that´s also very exaggerated and I don´t think that most people would feel/be gaslighted. also there are valid and senseful reasons to edit/delete posts.

I think it´s important to limit editing/deleting and to think about what oneself posts, but it´s not 100% avoidable.

what I do often is to add posts through editing lol, but very fast, don´t know if most people realize it lol.
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While your reasoning appears plausible on the surface:
* This is a recent change. Have the frequent spammers evolved their behavior lately?
* It's hard to accept that the timer for deleting your own posts should be the same as the timer for editing. It seems to me that Spammers deleting their own posts would benefit the site rather than harm it

Either way this has become a show-stopper for me. NB: This won't harm the site at all - I'm only an occasional poster.

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