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No need to follow me , unless we are going on a walk, or a hike .

If someone wants to know me just have a conversation with me

I don’t mind if anybody follows me on here . But please don’t be offended if I don’t follow you .
That function on social media seems just like numbers to me nothing else.

Can one really know or follow thousands of people ? No

I would rather have few good friends to talk with online instead of a huge number of digital nothingness.
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It shows everyone who’s online whether I follow them or not, so I still don’t understand the intended purpose.

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone is following me against my will, even though it doesn’t mean much. It’s annoying and offensive that we can’t delete those people, imo.
Like we need a troll filter too. :)
Beware the trolls.


I don’t understand trolls. Being silly & nice is so much more fun. Who gets joy out of such a thing?
I never really understood the following and follower's thing.
It doesn't really serve a useful purpose IMO.
I've used it mainly as a reference to which member's posts I read and relate to most often.
That's about all and thought those who follow me may be the same.
Everyone's posts and replies show on a thread anyway.

The topic of the thread is what matters to me.
I try to read everyone's posts as I can.
Some that I can't relate to I don't reply, but I may read them anyway.
Never really followed anyone on nor keep track of who follows me. Do not consider myself that interesting.
I don't like the idea of Followers either. It really bothers me when someone is following me.

There is a benefit of following a couple of people, though. You can adjust your privacy settings so that anyone who isn't followed can't PM you.

You'd need to PM anyone who is NOT followed yourself, if you wanted to PM them. You'd have to initiate that because they wouldn't be able to contact you.

I keep my PM shut off except for a very small number of people. Either I PM'ed them to initiate a chat, or I followed them as trusted friends so they could PM me.
I have no issue in being contacted, A few people do like some of my special interests, when I saw correlations between my LinkedIn and this site got a little uncomfortable, for privacy reasons. Got a little flattered looks like a couple of fellow Aspies in Germany liked my covid thread. I hope it made a difference. suspect it did. We are a interconnected community.
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If this gets you notified about people's activities, I don't see the problem with following/having followers... including on social media. It isn't that different from posting stuff here (content, photos, ...), it's just the audience that is different.
I don't use social media other than this and a technical site on finishing people on this site share my culture, are not argumentative. so, no issues.

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