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Remove one letter from the title of a book (or movie), then tell what it's about.


Lord of The Rigs - An evil trucker baron invests his soul in the rig that dominates all other rigs.

One with the Wind - How a southern monk achieved nirvana through flatulence
Harry Potter and the sorcerer's tone - A story of a boy fixated on his master's voice.
Plane of the Apes - Astronaut boards a plane to discover it is crewed by apes.

Tar Wars, the story of two paving company's battle for control in a rural area
Little Omen - Four sisters grow to womanhood, but one of them is carrying the Anti-Christ.

It's ok to re-use a book or movie title, provided you drop a new letter.
Bakes7 - A group of rebel bakers fighting the evil fast food federation one croissante at a time. Eventually meet their death by being stoned to death by stale Dunkin Doughnuts.

Lot in Space - Like 'Grand Designs' but on a hostile alien planet. Follow one courageous family and their lovable pet robot as they battle dubiously designed monsters, curiously human aliens and inhospitable, unpredictable and inexplicable weather patterns with wholesome family values in pursuit of building their dream intergalactic home.
Aging Bull: The story of an over-the-hill boxer.
Unset Boulevard: Problems arise when the tarmac on a swish LA street refuses to harden.
West Side Tory: A member of the Young Conservatives falls in love with a young socialist to much dancing and singing.
It's a Wonderful Lie: A political drama
Apocalypse No: A film in which the Vietnam war never happens.
Rock: An arthouse film about a large stone. Spawned many sequels, each almost identical to the others.
The Best Ears of our Lives: Film about a group of WWII veterans who visit a plastic surgeon.
Danes with Wolves: Lt. John Dunbar, exiled to Scandinavia, befriends wolves and locals.
Godfellas: A view of life in the Vatican.
Miser - The story of a psychotic penny pincher who kidnaps her bank manager and holds him captive in the mountains.
Canterbury Ales - The story of a pub crawl through Canterbury
Ire Starter - About a little girl with the unusually strong ability to annoy people senseless.
Pup Fiction: A heart-warming story of a young dog.
Mutiny on the Bunty: office politics in the offices of a girls' comic.
Rebel Without a Case: The story of an office worker who carries all his paperwork in a carrier bag.
Rear Widow: The story of a woman whose life goes into reverse after the death of her husband.
Who Framed Roger Rabbi? A Jewish teacher is tried for a crime he didn't commit.
Fining Nemo: A fish is caught speeding.

The Wizard of Z
: Heart warming account of the journey of a mage who relinquishes his powers in order to serve humanity by directing infomercials which induce sleep naturally.

The Wizard of O: A scholar attempts to trace the evolution of the term "O" while correlating the spoken definitions with the internet usages.

The Wizard O' Oz: Gaelic rendering of the children's classic. True meaning of the Emerald City revealed. Subtitled.
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Beauty and the Best - two models come together to compete for the title as the Best but one of them has a not-so-beautiful heart.

Angled - A math genius princess goes on a journey outside her perfectly symmetrical castle to find acute angle but he might not be the right one when it's ninety degrees outside.

Ion King - the misfortunes of a cation who lost his bond with the beloved anion. His uncle was a little too negative about the loss; will he be charged for his crimes?

Sherlock Homes - a sharp-witted detective and his sidekick must solve the trickiest mystery of them all: which house will be his home? Will the next be too small? Too pricy?

The Dark Night - on a night when the moon is not showing and the clouds cover the stars and lamps have suddenly dissappeared, no one can see a thing. Unless someone of extraordinary courage can save the lamps, they will be left in panic of darkness until the sun rises.

Lady and the Ramp - a dog's life changes for the better when she finds an alternative to stairs: a ramp.

Antasia - a family of ants communicate through musical sounds.

The Word in the Stone - A brave young child must learn the alphabet in order to decipher the meaning of the letters etched in a stone: his name and the first word he learns to read.

Lice in Wonderland - Two hungry lice are itching for food after they wander mistakenly down the rabbit hole into a world beyond their imagination and live happily ever after.

Irates of the Caribbean - a disliked boat thief's adventures to escape the angry people after him who desperately want their boats back.

Brother Ear - an earwax-filled ear refuses to listen to his brother's side of the story. But the brother ear makes it clear that hearing and listening are two very different things.

Bother Bear - two bear cubs make it their goal to annoy each other as much as possible.

Kin Kong - at a family reunion everybody is afraid to meet their mysterious, silent, and rather intimidating kin, Kong who they are quite unfamiliar with. During the reunion he makes it clear that his is misunderstood and just wants a friend
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No country or old men - from a futuristic world where countryside has been destroyed by pollution & men are euthanised before they get old.

The rod - In a post apocalyptic America, a man wanders aimlessly after making a rod for his own back. He dies.

The order trilogy - a young cowboy wanders back and forth between Mexico & the U.S. trying to create order from chaos. Sadly he ends up living under an overpass after witnessing chaos multiply exponentially around him. He dies.

All the petty horses
- western about a group of horses who constantly squabble over insignificant things (one of the trilogy).

Cities of the pain - another western about a cowboy who finds it painful to live in cities (one of the trilogy).

Outer ark - the ark that Noah wished he'd built. Loaded with two of every type of psychopathic killer imaginable. Everyone dies.
Braking Bad - series following a man's life running out of control after his brakes fail. He crashes and dies.

Md Men - a buch of medical doctors decide to make some real money by starting an advertising agency. They drink a lot of scotch & perform no further useful purpose in society.
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Fear and Lathing in Las Vegas - a heritage plasterer with a drug problem tries to ply his trade in the gambling capital, but only creates fear among the established drywall (plasterboard) builders who take a hit out on him, remove his pineal gland and sell it on eBay.

Ham on Ry - chronicles Ry Cooder's lifelong love of pork based products. Not sure why anyone would want to read that cr*p.

Pot Office - story of a young man who thinks he's delivering packages for the U.S. mail, but is actually delivering drugs for the syndicate.
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Twin Peas - An FBI agent searchs for truth surrounding the disappearance of two vegetables.

South Ark - A group of young children growing up in an American town whilst their parents work on building a very large boat to avoid a flood.

The Da Vinci Cod
- A story about a fish & chip shop in Southern Italy

Alen & Alen 2 - Alen is remorsely chased by a psychopathic woman played by Sigourney Weaver who seeks to kill Alen.

Blackbard - Idris Elba plays William Shakespeare as a young Moor and his attempts to secure success as a playwright in a colour prejudiced society.

Robcop - A young man called Rob and his struggle to become a police officer so he can protect and serve.

Source Cod - A documentary on the genetics of Piscean reproduction following one baby fish throughout his life.
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The Unset Limited - A man attempts to un-set all the defaults in his smartphone & discovers that the number you can turn off is limited. In frustration he throws himself under a train.

Child of Od - he was going to use 'God' in the title but changed it when it was pointed out to him by his publisher that god would totally disown the central psychopath in that McCarthy novel.
The Oy of Sex - Couples who stray from kosher guidelines experience misadventures leading to trips to the E.R.

Karat Kid - A bullied youth learns finesse from a modest master who teaches him that
true gem cutting is more than flashy moves.

How the Grinch Tole Christmas - A recent convert demonstrates holiday craft making

Seepless in Seattle - Effective professional maintenance prevents leaks in home owner's cellar, enabling
him to consider new siding and romance.

Men in Back - In an alternate universe, males are 2nd class citizens prohibited from driving, voting,
or riding in the front seat of a car. (futuristic farce)

Mad Ax - Dystopian action when Luddite gangs take over the logging industry
The Emperor's New Grove- just a rich dude and his latest vineyard, poor viewing figures

Jams Bond- the suave spy retires and begins making preserves, equally poor box office takings

Oldfinger- aforementioned suave spy's desperate comeback attempt, set in a nursing home and involving lots of pointing.
Fat and Furious - Morbidly obese guy on the rampage

Lord, F the Rings! - Frodo tires of the quest and heads home, empty-handed.

Laughterhouse 5 - Retired fun-house attendant recounts highlights of his career in this 5th of the series

Oy Story - Barbie & Ken star in this reboot of Fiddler on the Roof

I Spit On Your Rave - Independent scorns fraternity event.
Fight Cub - The story of a very aggressive young bear
Fists Of Fur - A cheesy horror film about every one's hands growing a thick coat of fur
Thelma And Louis - Thelma and her friend escape the town they live in because Louis gets bullied because of his recent sex change
Finding Emo - A teen drama about a group of goths who go searching for one of their ex-members who has recently joined the local emo group
The Spy Who Loved M - Bond develops unprofessional crush

itanic - Apple's attempt at a cruise liner sinks

Mad Ma - my mother goes on the rampage and forces everyone to eat gooseberries
Bing John Malkovich - A documentary film about what happens if you spend your life researching random subjects using the Bing search engine
A Bug's Lie - An innocent man is being spied on by a faulty bug that has been planted in his conservatory and this is about the incorrect assumptions based upon this faulty piece of equipment.
Evolutio - A futuristic thriller about when humans have evolved to become extremely lazy including not finishing their words.
Lord, F the Rings! - Frodo tires of the quest and heads home, empty-handed.

Aha, Spotted the modified punctuation! That's allowed then?

Lord, F the Flies - The story of a young leaders ambition to rid the world of unobedient insects.

The Walking Dad - A sad story about a zombie dad, shunned by society, forced to leave his family in search of brains elsewhere.

Ma Max - Prequel seeing the birth of Max in a speeding punked-up, matte-black, dusty, rocking trans-am apprehending bad guys.

Rob Cop - A future in which the combination of man and machine sees our burnished hero trying to make ends meet by mugging innocents in dark alleys.. "There will be.. trouble, if you don't hand over your wallet and all of your jewellery!"

The Potman - A nameless drifter brings The Giggles to an otherwise hopeless post-apocolyptic world.

The Tim Machine - A documentary exploring the societal impact of a device that produces a slave race, all called Tim.

Spider Ma - Prequel featuring the early years of Peter Parker and the onset of his teenage angst. This film will have you anxiously boiling water and looking for towels!

Ba Man - One mans crusade to free Gothams pubs and clubs of ridiculous criminals.

Star Rek - Following our nations law enforcers as they attempt to keep our universe a safer place..

Cocon - X rated - Film depicting a very friendly elderly groups' exploits after discovering very rejeuvenating alien technology.
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"Aha, Spotted the modified punctuation! That's allowed then?"

Must be.
I did it.:p

I couldn't tolerate the lack of punctuation,
so I had to do it. I wonder...would I have
had a crush on my English teacher when I
was 12, if he had taught----Geography?:(

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